Xender APK+12.3.1.Prime [Extra, AD-Free] Download

Download Xender APK Latest Version free for Android. The best way to share and transfer music, videos, photos and more with your friends.

Xender APKXender APKXender APK

Name Xender
Package Name cn.xender
Category Utilities
Size 20 MB
Price FREE
Version 12.3.1.Prime
                    download                        Google Play
Publisher Xender File Sharing Team
MOD Feature Not available
Requires android Android 11expand_mor

about  Xender APK

Xender MOD APK is an application for sharing files between mobile devices without the need for an Internet connection. Send whatever you want, from pictures to text to files, music files, videos, and more at a speed 200 times faster than sharing using Bluetooth.

Of course, you want to know what the app does in detail. Well, have that covered. This app wouldn’t be much without it’s countless features and innovations included.

XenderXender APKXender APK

Xender is an application from the publisher Xender File Sharing Team, which has now reached more than 100 million installs on Google Play. It seems to have achieved unexpected results and is considered one of the most downloaded applications on the platform. So what’s so special about it? Its most important feature is allowing users to share files between mobile phones without a data connection or Wifi. As long as you have Xender, you can share everything with your friends through your phone in various forms of information. Regardless of whether it is text, image, video, or file, all can be converted quickly.Such an application is especially useful for everyone in certain situations. We know wifi and data connections are commonplace with everyone, but they weren’t always available. In an outdoor night party or in a public place, what if you want to share photos with others? Thinking of transferring photos using Bluetooth? It’s fine, but Xender will help you do it better, hundreds of times faster.

Installation Xender APK

First, please check if there is another version of Xender on your phone. If yes, please uninstall before doing the following steps:

1: Download Xender (MOD or APK) at Modded-1.com via the “Download” link at the end of this article.

2: Select the file and click “Install” to start the file installation process on your Android phone.

 3: Wait until the installation is complete, users can touch the application icon on the phone screen to open and use it right away.

What is Xender APK?

Xender APKXender APK
Derived from “Sender” which means sending, sharing and replacing the “S” with an “X”, Xender has shown its main feature right in the name. Xender is an application that allows you to send common files, texts, photos, videos and even applications with just a few taps.

In addition to transferring and sharing files between Windows Phone devices, Xender also allows sharing between other platform devices such as Android, iOS and personal computers running Windows or Mac platforms. Xender deserves to be a better application than the best application that satisfies users’ file sharing requirements. The application allows sharing of all types of files with data transfer speeds over Bluetooth 200 times faster than conventional applications.

How to use Xender APK

Xender is extremely simple to use, and you need to follow the appropriate icons. For example, you use two Android devices to swap “certain” apps with a capacity of about 50MB. The process of connecting the two devices is straightforward, and everything can be done quickly. You need to select the app and choose the device to send to, then press the “Send” button. Other phones need to press the “Receive” button and wait for the connection confirmation. The conversion is speedy, and only takes a few seconds to complete the file exchange. After receiving it, you continue to click on the new icon to proceed immediately. Very simple, effective and fast!

If you like to use the converter app easily, then give it a try “SHAREit“. This application helps to share all files in a short time. You are easy to use the application. The app also adds a powerful media player. In addition, the application also has GIFs, Wallpapers and Funny Stickers attached.

nterface with many features

Xender offers a user guide to introduce new users to the features of the application. In a very quick way, users can grasp and use proficiently. Xender’s design is optimized for the user with a menu bar containing all the items the application has. Users also do not need to register for an account or spend time customizing unnecessary settings. Xender will automatically list important data in tabs on the main screen. There will be a switch button for users to transfer files to their phone or computer.

Share and connect data with other devices quickly
Many file transfer apps keep you connected via Bluetooth. Xander is much simpler, creating a specific wireless connection for direct transmission. This allows you to exchange data at high speeds without having to mess around Bluetooth settings or waste your data allowance.

Another positive of Xender is that you can transfer files in any format with no limits in size. This is ideal for sharing long videos or entire discs. Xender works on any platform. While iOS and Android need you to install apps, Windows and Mac users can simply use the direct web.

Connect to other devices easily without internet connection
Not only running very fast, Xender on the computer is also designed specifically to set it apart from Xender running on other devices. Millions of people are using Xender on their computers and they are all very satisfied. You can verify this when you visit Xender’s site and see the reviews and positive user feedback.

Another feature is that the application will automatically search for connected devices near your area. It will use QR codes to connect devices together, allowing you to share and connect data easily even in conditions without wifi.

Transfer HUGE files and videos in seconds

This is the difference of Xender compared to many applications or file sharing websites today. There is no limit to the number of files and formats that Xender supports to share. Therefore, you can still receive the file without installing the application. Xender’s user interface is very simple and supports lots of languages. You are often afraid to send videos because they are large, so it takes a long time to wait. But Xender will solve this concern for you. This application is capable of sending “huge” files and videos in amazingly fast time. You can save a lot of time without having to wait too long.

Compatible with Android, IOS, Windows, PC/Mac, cross-platform transfer
File-sharing applications were born one after another, each with its own strengths and preferences for each user group. For the purpose of helping to share data between different devices, this application is compatible with most platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, PC/Mac, making it possible for cross-platform transfers. At the same time, the connection between devices is very quick via QR code, so you can easily sync all your data.

Xender APK

Smooth music and video player even online or offline
Xender also stores all the files you have ever sent or received along with information about the file size. You can also change the storage location for the received files or install sound effects. In addition to the feature to help share videos to other devices, the application also provides you with a smooth video and music player whether online or offline. This makes it possible to hear or review exactly what you need to share or receive.

Send unlimited files fast

Sending files most of the time needs to be done quickly, instantly, even within a single note. For example, when joining a party with friends, taking pictures and recording videos for the whole group to share on their social network accounts are no longer strange. And if you still transfer each picture, one clip at a time, don’t you lose interest? Suppose at that time, if you had Xender in hand, you would be able to instantly send everything you have just obtained related to the party at the same time with 40Mb/s speed, which is 200 times Bluetooth. The entire file sent is not limited to its original size, and any format can handle it. Importantly, the file to the user is still the same size, the format is not damaged. This ensures that the recipient can fully appreciate the original beauty of each file.

Now let’s talk about another urgent situation. In case you change phones and want to transfer data or any other information files from your old phone to your new phone, Xender can help you from scratch. In particular, this is still surprisingly fast and ensures no information is missed.

After the file transfer is complete, you can continue to use Xender to actively rearrange the order of folders for better file management. You can also conveniently delete the original files in the old phone to ensure security. More often, be free to use this feature to erase, clean up your phone memory or create backups for all your important files. The whole process of sending information, data, files over Xender all ensure the highest security requirements. So, you can safely transfer even the most confidential files on your phone.

Xender always updates many new features

The constant updating of many new features, the desire to bring the full and best experience to users, has partly shown the great commitment from the manufacturer. Maybe some of you don’t care. Because I want to always be light, neat, and minimalist, I am quite careful in choosing an app for my phone. Choosing an app that’s both functional, sustainable, and full of developer commitment is always reassuring. It will stay there, in my phone and support my work for a long time.


Xender is an excellent choice if you need an application that supports fast file transfers. Application is essential if you need to send one or more files from one phone to another without wi-fi. The app is handy if you need to transfer heavy files. Usage is simple, and the process is quick, and ends in seconds (it depends on the connection between the two devices). The application saves you time, and has a faster transfer rate than standard Bluetooth. The app is more straightforward to share than AirDrop because there’s no need for NFC. You can support cross-platform file transfer and sharing. Therefore, you can quickly transfer files with popular operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows, or MAC.

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