X VPN APK 180 (Premium unlocked) Free Downloade

Download X VPN Apk Premium, the latest version of this app for Android today. You can enjoy privacy and security for your online activities with the VPN connection service that is available on mobile.



 Name X VPN
 Compatible with Android 4.1+
 Last version 180
 Size 39.72 Mb
 MOD Premium Unlocked
 Category Tools
 Developer Free Connected Limited
 Price Free
 Google Play Link Google Play

About X VPN Apk

The XVPN application is a proxy internet connectivity to Free Connected Limited. Servers are located in over 50 locations around the world with 10,000+ clusters of servers that allow users to connect at the highest speed. The X-VPN (MOD Premium) offers support for free to help you connect safe by using incognito mode. Are you looking for a reliable, fast, and safe connection? X-VPN is a good choice that meets all the above features. Make sure to target everyone who requires internet access. Be it you are reading the newspaper or listening to music or playing online games … this application provides the most enjoyable experience. It is completely uninterrupted when using. The infrastructure of X-VPN spans different continents across the globe.X VPN Apk

Automatically selects the closest server to you once connected to the internet. This feature is a favorite among many VPNs. In addition, you can choose the server by hand that you prefer. Fast connection speed takes just a minute your device can connect to any website through a VPN using nine different protocols. There are many apps which allow you to connect to an intermediary server, however XVPN is the best on the score list. Do not need a lot of categories but it’s still a good choice. Utilizing X-VPN on a daily basis can help protect your information and prevent leaks that could be disastrous.

What is  X VPN Apk?

With the X-VPN app, Android users will have an easy-to-use, but fully-equipped mobile app to allow tunnel connections on any one of their gadgets. All you have to do is install and activate the app to let X-VPN automatically configure and establish the tunnel connections. This will allow users to use free and unblock Internet connections while on the move.

You will not have any issues using the easy and simple VPN application from X-VPN. It is easy to use using its single-touch connections. You can customize the VPN protocols that offer a variety of options. Utilize your X-VPN account across many devices. Access the various servers as well as worldwide locations which allow you to utilize the app to the max.

Utilize your Kill Switch, App Preferences Private browser as well as other tools of X-VPN to enhance the user experience in the app. Experience the user-friendly app interface that you can customize within the X-VPN. Select your preferred language from the many choices. The list is endless.

How do I Install X-VPN Mod APK?

Visit the download page to download the latest version of the app.
Open file manager and launch x-vpn-technifiser.com.apk.
Turn on the “Allow from this source” tab of the device’s settings in the event of installing an APK files for the very first time.
Complete installation following the instructions displayed on your screen.

features X VPN Apk

Here are all the thrilling features the app can offer:

Take advantage of one-touch VPN connections
Like and Super VPN, Android users can use the one-touch VPN connection in XVPN with very little effort. All you have to do is start the app and click at the button Connect. This will automatically adjust the network settings and permit users connection directly to the VPN network with no difficulty. You are free to use XVPN on any mobile devices that have Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

This application will search for the fastest servers you are able to connect to, so you can experience the fastest speed of X-VPN. Alternately, you can select to use the Stable Connection mode. This takes longer to connect but allows you to connect to the most reliable servers.

Provide up to 11 different protocols
Since there are eleven different VPN protocols in the market users of X-VPN will not have any trouble finding the appropriate connection for specific preferences. You are free to access the application and play around with the different settings anytime you’d like. Utilize their numerous capabilities and features so you have the top protocols available.

Support for up to 5 devices


For those who are interested, you are now able to be able to have up to 5 devices linked to a only X-VPN subscription. This lets you benefit from seamless VPN connections, and secure your personal data across every smart device you own. Enjoy secure online experience across the entire network with X-VPN.

Many servers and locations around the world
To make the application more engaging, users of X-VPN are now able to work with several servers and international locations through their VPN networks. This can allow for many different implementations of the app. You will have no issues using the more than 8000 servers as well as 50+ locations across the globe which means you can use your VPN network to its max. Utilize the built-in speed test feature to locate the best servers for your needs. Get the fastest connection speed by using dedicated servers for gaming and streaming So you don’t have to worry about any lags or interruptions with X-VPN.

Give you the Kill Switch for better security

The Kill Switch being available, users of X-VPN can safeguard themselves and their Android devices from undesirable Internet security breaches, where the app was unable for connection to tunnels and leaked your personal information. You can simply enable your Kill Switch to allow X-VPN to shut down the Internet connections after it is determined that the VPN networks are affected. The VPN will only allow the network to be used if you’ve got your VPN connections restored. This will ensure that your personal data is secure.

Select which application to connect X-VPN to
If you are curious, you can decide to tailor your applications of VPN connections. There is no problem choosing which applications or games you would like to run with the tunnel network and which ones you need to be blocked. This allows you to use the app to enjoy personal experiences.

Have fun working with the private browser.
In addition, with its private web browser XVPN being accessible on smartphones You can also utilize the app to browse websites, read online content, and exploring other sites in total privacy. You can effortlessly connect to your Internet and browse online websites without worrying about issues with privacy because of its built-in web browser.

Guard your privacy using the app.

In addition users of XVPN can easily secure their privacy and increase the security of their network by through the mobile application.

Begin by using secure encrypted connections so that you can surf the Internet without revealing your privacy and protect your Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, you can benefit from the numerous security tools so that it is possible to connect on internet securely and surf the Internet and not leave trace.

In addition, due to the no-log policy The application will ensure that nothing you do in the app recordings are sent back the Free Connected Limited. So, mobile users are able to have complete security and privacy while using the application.

Available in different languages
With the app accessible to download in English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, French, Bengali, Azerbaijani, Burmese, Persian and many more languages Mobile users will not have any trouble having a fully-functional and feature-rich application on their smartphones. Just select the language you prefer and begin enjoying the app while on the move.

Feel free to personalize the interface of the app
For those who are interested, you are now able to modify the app’s UI with different options. Begin by choosing The Light Theme for better visibility throughout the daytime. Also, use to switch over to the Dark theme to relax your eyes at night. With the numerous visual experiences offered by X-VPN will enable you to be a part of the experience to the fullest extent.


Download the app for free on our website.

Last and not least If you’re interested in the free X-VPN application but you don’t want to see advertisements or pay for VPN networks If so, you may think about the mod version of the app available on this website. Here, you can find the unlocked app that has been removed of advertisements and unlimited features, that you can use absolutely no cost. All you have to do is download the Mod APK of X-VPN Follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go.


Be ready to take advantage of the amazing mobile app of the X-VPN with its numerous beneficial features that enable you to enjoy greater security and absolute privacy when surfing the Internet.

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