Woodturning APK 2.4.0 (Free upgrade, Ads free)

Get Woodturning APK the latest version unleash your imagination and start making things from wood. You can also paint them, too. A lot of enjoyment!

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Name Woodturning APK
Publisher VOODOO
Version 2.4.0
Size 125.94 Mb
Category Games
MOD Features Free upgrade, No ads
Support Android 4.4+
Get it on  droidtechapk.com

About Woodturning APK

This game is the most effective woodturning simulator. Complete customers’ orders. Turn an object of wood into the desired shape. Cut (carve) and polish, paint and finally add the stencil for your creation. Earn money and upgrade your lathe.

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Woodturning Apk lets people experience an easy but intriguing game where they just need simple tools to cut or create stunning work. The most enjoyable part is taking orders from customers of all kinds with various shapes or designs to allow players to create amazing products.

What’s new

  • Bug fixes,
  • Free upgrade
  • Performance optimizations

Features of Woodturning APK

  • In Woodturning APK earns huge commissions and earns money by cutting wood with great performance.
  • Different tools have different forms and functions that allow you to cut the wood perfectly while cutting down on unnecessary parts.
  • Introduces customers to new clients with different personalities and behavior with particular woodworking work commissions and much more.
  • Updates the shops with many features to cater to more customers and to accommodate outrageous demands.
  • Paints woodwork with various styles and patterns to brighten the piece’s attractiveness and satisfy customers’ requirements.

woodturning apk paint

Use simple items

The careers of players will begin with simple tasks and progress to the most complex things they’ve never expected from their clients. Every type of client will have its requirements for the product using the tools correctly can enhance its quality. As time passes, every career will flourish and produce more money as the company advances.

Create masterpieces

Lathes rotate continuously the piece of wood and the role of the user is to take out excess wood by pre-defined shapes and patterns. Each tool has its characteristics and is used in a variety of ways to create quality products. However, the degree of success is entirely dependent on the individual’s capabilities, and in the same way, it must be in line with the requirements of the client.

Woodturning tools

Meets new customers

The variety of customers is another interesting aspect of the game, where everyone has their unique character or quirks. Being able to meet the requirements or other complexities will aid in increasing personal earnings or making huge changes to take the shop to new levels. If the players are fortunate they will meet wonderful people who are willing to help the business flourish.

Paint the item

Once the frames have been completed it is important to paint them to finish the last steps of the task. Each color kind is necessary per the product’s specifications as well as the ability to blend colors and create distinctive designs. Many buyers will allow users to create new colors to their liking.

Decorate after carving

The most important thing to remember is to paint the wood after cutting the wood. The change in the artist will enhance the look of the design. If we have an art of wood carving that requires an investment of a significant amount and a great quality finish, there’s no reason to overlook the quality of paint. Gorgeous colors and high gloss will help your log be completely satisfied. The goal is to finish the challenge with the best score and the amount you expected to earn.

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Download Woodturning APK for Android Here

The game is designed with an informal style to ensure that you’ll feel at ease while playing. This is why, if seeking a game that can ease anxiety in stressful times then Woodturning is a good option. Download it now and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Woodturning is a thrilling fascinating, unique, and exciting game where you can move the chisel, and then create wood objects. The player develops into a skilled wood sculptor. The goal is to create the most comprehensive and elegant objects. Make the most stunning sculptures to take over the whole screen created in the game.

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