Walk Band APK 7.5.4 Multitracks Music (Premium unlocked) Free Download

Do you want to learn different instruments? Install Walk Band  Premium now! Play a variety of instruments such as guitar, piano drum pads, bass guitar and much more.

 Name  Walk Band 
Compatible with 5.0+
version 7.5.4
 size 50 MB
MOD vip  feature Un locked 
category  Casual
Developer ….
Price un locked
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About Walk Band APK

Through Walk Band, you can use a variety of musical instruments to create original songs today.
With your full-featured Android devices you, there’s no need to carry heavy and bulky audio equipment. Instead, all you require is a small smartphone to begin creating stunning piece of musical art. Of course, you’ll also require the right applications and tools to assist you in the process. This is why you’ll definitely discover the Walk Band to be a fantastic portable music studio installed on Android devices.

The amazing mobile app comes with numerous useful settings and features to help creating your very own audio and music mixes. With fun audio effects and incredible audio effects, the app can make it simpler for users to explore its options. The most important thing is that its portable features give you an audio studio on the go that is available anytime you like.

What is

In order to ensure that Android users are provided with the most efficient tools for making and personalizing their music while on the move, Walk Band comes with many different features that allow you to create virtual versions of any musical instrument. It lets you play your piano, guitar as well as drum kits, and many other sounds with recorded vocals from any source.

In addition with the built-in mixing mixer for music, users are able to try to mix these sounds and vocals into a full song or audio track. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy Walk Band working as your private music studio that is available whenever you’d like.


If you’re curious about the fun mobile app that is Walk Band, you might consider downloading the updated version on our website. It’s always available for free to download and play. The app has a user-friendly and user-friendly features that users can enjoy at their leisure and enjoy. If you want to experience it to its highest degree, you’ll have to make certain in-app purchases that are required to unlock certain features of Walk Band.

Additionally, to be sure that the app will be properly used on all device Android devices You’ll need your devices running the most current version of Android which is recommended to be Android 5.0 or higher. Like many other applications, Walk Band will require users to grant certain permissions to access the app in-app which are necessary to enhance the overall functionality as well as the stability and performance of the application.


There are many instruments can be played. A lot of people love making music and playing across the globe today. Music lets us communicate our emotions in a way that words are unable to convey.

There have been millions of tracks recorded since. Today, we utilize various musical instruments to compose various songs. Through the Walk Band, you can play various instruments right in one device!

It is available in the present time, published through Revontulet Soft. In this application, you can use a variety of musical instruments, including drum pad and drum instruments and bass guitar, as well as solo guitar , and piano keyboard. You can compose a variety of melodies and songs in this application and enjoy the mix selection available.

Additionally, you can enjoy editing of audio tracks and piano mode editing and many more. This application is a pleasure regardless of whether you’re an amateur or professional musician! Make a variety of songs from scratch today and present your creations all over the globe.

Amazing features

Walk Band APK
Here are the most exciting features the app can offer:

Astonishing piano simulation that includes a variety of sound settings
For starters, Android users in Walk Band can easily emulate their piano sound with the full piano keyboard. You can take part with a myriad of interesting sounds and audio inputs that will make you feel as if you’re playing the real thing.

Enjoy playing the virtual piano using single Row Mode, Dual Row Mode, and even Two Player Mode, making it an extremely enjoyable experience to play. When you combine it with Multi-Touch it allows you to play with the piano effortlessly.

Explore the intuitive pressure detectors that let you freely immerse yourself in the experience. Adjust the width of your screen by using Walk Band, as you modify your input experience.

Feel free to alter the sound of the keyboard so that you can play your music box, piano organ, rhodes and even synth. All of this will make the guitar simulator much more enjoyable and thrilling.

Have fun with your guitar by listening to interesting sound patterns

In addition, with the virtual guitar available In Walk Band, Android users can enjoy the amazing chord mode that allows you to easily follow the guitar’s chords and notes. This will make learning a new song easy. It’s basically what you find in the famous guitar app from the You sician.

If you prefer, you are able to play the guitar according to your own ideas in the Solo mode. No chords are required. If you’re interested, you can take advantage of the three different guitar sounds within Walk Band, which effectively recreate the different sound effects that are Nylon Guitar, Steel String Guitar and Clean Electric Guitar, all of which are accurately replicated using accurate virtual sound. And fo

Enjoy playing around with these awesome drum kits.

If you’re one of those who are curious, you can play around with the fun drum kits included in Walk Band that let users to play their favorite songs using high-quality sound simulations of Jazz, Rock, Hiphop Percussion, Jazz and Dance. Explore the various drum pads and listen to different demo beats available that are available in Walk Band, all of that will let you take advantage of the app to the maximum. Play with your Rock, Ballad, ChaCha, Disco, Waltz, and much more. In addition, to efficiently discover your most loved songs or tracks from music using the simple Play Along feature is sure to help you out.

Make your beats unique with exciting experiences
To make the app more exciting It is now possible to create your own beats with Walk Band, as the app lets users explore different beats for different kinds of music. Enjoy Jazz, Rock, Hiphop Percussion, Dance, and Jazz sounds of various drum kits. You can also explore over 11 different preload patterns for sound of every kind. Use the speed and pitch controls to tailor your music experience and much more.

Simulate amazing bass sound effects

Additionally, to provide an even more immersive audio experience to the tracks you have selected, Android users can also select between three different bass types that consist of picked bass, bass or slap-bass. You are free to include any of them to the selected chord and try to use the app to at its maximum. You can play your bass in a real way and try to emulate authentic sounds in Walk Band.

Recorder features useful to make the sound clearer
To ensure that you are able to effectively capture your voice or other audio-related experiences, Walk Band does allow Android users to connect external recording equipment to record any audio piece. In order to enhance your audio experience you are now able to enhance the recordings by using a variety of filters and enhancement features.

Mix , match and blend your multiple tracks to create one song
With all audio files enabled it is now possible mixing and matching your tracks within Walk Band with the available Mixer/Synthesizer. Enjoy creating distinctive pieces of music which allows Android users to effortlessly mix and match different tracks of vocals and recorded audio files and also simulated audio effects inside the application. Try to combine the various tracks to create incredible music tracks using Walk Band.

Create multiple edits to the various audio tracks you have by muting, deleting, changing the volume and more. This should make the application more enjoyable and fun for the majority of you. You are welcome to convert your tracks to one song file.

Connect with other musicians who are aspiring online

If you’re interested, now is the time to utilize the application and join the huge Music Zone. Meet other musicians who are aspiring on the internet as you try uploading and sharing your amazing music. You can also enjoy listening to other music mixes. Keep your favorite songs and any others you find interesting for the next listening seasons. Also, you can share your creations through any social network to increase exposure.

Easy connection with other devices
And , with Walk Band, you can gain access to multiple connections to different devices, including metronome, MIDI keyboard and recording devices. These are necessary if you wish to produce music professionally with the amazing mobile app that comes with Walk Band.

This is why you are able to connect any available devices to your smartphone and create music using your mobile device. Be sure to have the right connectivity in place.

Find new sound plugins that can be used for greater performance
Not to mention to improve the app’s exciting features Walk Band, you can select to also use numerous useful features within the app. These features allow you to emulate the sound of your piano guitar, keyboard, Drum Pad as well as Bass and other instruments. These features will enhance the audio experience within Walk Band a lot more enjoyable.

Get the unlocked version, free, of the app available on our website.
And for those who are interested in the thrilling mobile app of Walk Band, you can download the no-cost und unlocked edition of the application on our website, with several interesting features, all for cost. All that is required is to install and download the Walk APK on our site. Follow the instructions provided and you’re ready to go. Feel free to make usage of the application whenever and wherever you want.

Final decisions

In addition to the well-known N-Track Studio 9 Pro you will gain access to another excellent music-making tool for the Android devices. In the end, Walk Band will offer the similar features , but in a way that is more user-friendly for you to use. It is possible to utilize both apps at the same time to produce professional music pieces, as both are available for download through our site.

Walk Band is a music application that includes a variety of instruments that you can use to compose your own music. You can, for instance, play the guitar, piano, and many other instruments to keep you entertained. Edit and record your music projects easily with this application. People who are passionate about music will be delighted by Walk Band.

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