Tensura King of Monsters APK 1.2.3 (Auto win) Download

Are you a fan of the anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime? Slime? Get Tensura The King of Monsters today and play the authentic version of the video game!

Tensura King of Monsters APK


Name Tensura King of Monsters
 Compatible with Android 4.4+
 Last version 1.2.3
 Size 0 bytes
 MOD Auto win
 Category Role Playing
 Developer Hoolai Game Ltd
 Price Free
 Google Play Link Google Play

About Tensura King of Monsters APK

It’s not a surprise when popular anime series get games adapted for. The same has been the case with numerous popular anime like Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, Seven Deadly Sins and numerous others. But what if you are a fan of that program That Time I Got Reincarnated as a slime? You should get Tensura: King of Monsters that will be the adaptation this show developed by Hoolai Game Ltd.

Tensura King of Monsters APK

Tensura the King of Monsters is a role-playing game based on the the Manga series with the similar name. Since Hoolai Game released the pre-registration game, it has garnered lots of attention from players due because of its distinctive gameplay as well as its rich content. If you’re a fan of the series specifically or any manga/anime then you shouldn’t have to be missing out on Tensura The King of Monsters. Let’s take a look at this game with you!

install Tensura King of Monsters APK

It’s even simpler to install APK using OBB files directly onto your Android device. Follow the steps below.

Install the application ‘ES File Explorer’ or another excellent extractor app for Android’ on your device.

 Features Tensura King of Monsters APK

In spirate yourself as slime to begin your adventure in the world of other worlds
Official adaptation of the manga under the supervision of the direction of the original creator.
Super-popular characters come together. Synergy of skill dominates the battleground
Unique Slime system. Create Your own monster King Rimuru
HD stunning scenes. Every single image makes for the perfect wallpaper
The Deluxe CV team. A true pleasure to your ears
Tensura The the King of Monsters Reviews
The Degenerate version: The game is enjoyable and extremely relaxing, but it’s not the kind of game you’ll have to play daily to make progress, you can play occasionally whenever you have the time. However, my main concern is the difficulty of the enemies. For instance after a time, the enemies will be simple and then suddenly you meet an enemy that could take out two hits So, you need to fix the difficulty progression. it’s like when you’re out for a stroll and then, BOOM! a truck called Benimaru takes you down and then takes out your team.

Tensura King of Monsters APK

Levitsu It’s worth 5 stars because it’s the best game I’ve played, even though I had certain issues that I need to top up but didn’t get the star gold right away, however you’ll have to wait Also, this game aids me greatly to entertain myself, and I would recommend this to my brother and acquaintances so that we can play with them as it’s the most enjoyable. Thank you for your business. I’m hoping this game will continue to be played for a long time.

Shazely 24 It’s firstly,

it’s is pretty enjoyable when you’ve mastered the way you play it. In addition, I hope that you guys keep adding the chapters as I’d like to see the game get more popular (another reason is that I’m TenSura fan). Thirdly, you can create separate chats for world chats because I want to talk with my friends who are from the same country but not another country within the chat. It’s not easy to accomplish this since every time I’m trying to send an email, random Thailand people chatting around which makes it very difficult to send a message.

Tensura the King of Monsters
Do you want to play a game that is that is based on your favourite anime? Get Tensura the King of Monsters now and experience these highlights:

powerful anime charactersIn every show that we watch, it’s common to identify with a certain group of characters even when they’re not the primary one. If you’re a fan of That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime, Slime Then you’ll be able to find numerous appealing characters in this game! You can play various characters like Benimaru, Shion, Ranga, Shuna and many other members of the Monster Federation. Join them together to form an effective and balanced team made up of 3 characters. In addition you can also use characters with close ties, which allows you to use their synergy capabilities for additional offensive power. There are many strong characters that you can gain access to. They are classified based on their popularity!

The storyline of the show The showTensura the King of Monsters is based on the storyline in the show That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime. A well-known Isekai anime the game includes excerpts and clips from the show, making the game even more thrilling! Additionally, dialogues in the game are performed by voice actors who are well-known in Japan! This provides an authentic feel to the game, which players will love. In addition you’ll be able to follow the story in the show from start to the very end. The entire show is faithfully recreated, so that you can get to experience the universe of your favourite anime! Get through the levels and upgrade!

Unique protagonist devouring system –

Tensura King of Monsters features a unique protagonist devouring system. This is different from normal RPGs, you’ll require replicas of your character in order to enhance their abilities. Give them slim food so that you can use various combat abilities and skills. Additionally, you can equip your character with various armors and equipment to be ready for combat. Update them now, so you can increase the attack and HP, and defense capabilities.

Visually appealing graphicsUnlike many RPG game, Tensura King of Monsters is one of the most smooth and attractive graphics. It’s not exactly an RPG game, but rather an open world game that’s like Genshin Impact. In addition the RPG structure allows the game to be easy to learn, however, it is still difficult to learn. It comes with background music and amazing voiceovers, this game is an amazing one.

Take on various enemies and use attacks.There are also various enemies that you’ll encounter on the show’s anime. As you progress through levels, you’ll be fighting more powerful opponents! Make insane combos to ensure you’ll be able to take them down!

A Unique Anime RPG

In the world of anime there are a lot of popular anime series that are receiving a variety of games adaptations. Shows such as Pokemon, Digimon, Sword Art Online, One Piece and more have already been adapted into their games. However, now is the time to That Time I got Reincarnated as a slime to give something different! The game’s RPG is based upon the story of the show, featuring their characters and distinctive abilities.

You can download the required APK file as well as the OBB zip file on your Android device. (You may download it either in your internal memory or on an outside memory.)

After you have download OBB and the APK along with the OBB file you can start ES File Explorer that you installed in step 1.

Find your APK file, double-click it and choose “install”.

Make sure to wait until the installation is finished. (Do not start the game at this point.)

You must now place it in the OBB File in the correct location. In order to do that find the OBB file on your device.

*Save your Obb file. Click and hold it.

Click on the next i.e (three dots in the bottom left corner) and then select ‘Extract to’.

A dialog box will pop up Select the path you want to go on and follow this pattern:

Internal storage or SD card>Android>obb

Click OK

Then, wait for the files to be extracted.

That’s it. You are now ready to play your favourite game.

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