Save the Doge APK (Unlimited money)

Do you enjoy puzzle games? The Save the Doge APK is a challenging game for puzzle lovers that asks players to rescue the dog from stinging insects. Draw a line to help him.

Save the Doge From bees

 Name Save the Doge
 Publisher Wonder Group
 Category Games
 Size 29.75 Mb
Latest Version
 Update Sep 23, 2022
Price Free
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About Save the Doge Game

When playing the video Game Save the Doge, the game requires players to protect their dog from attack by bees. Usually, stings from bees aren’t harmful; however, they can be very irritating. For dogs, it could result in a swollen face which is hilarious.

To save dogs it is all you have to do is draw the line that surrounds them and save it. So, you’ll need to draw a line that keeps your dog safe from bees by using the shortest possible line.

As you advance through the levels, you’ll be confronted with more complex challenges with various backgrounds and objects. It’s straightforward however challenging and could be addictive.

save the doge levels

How to Play the Game

The game Save the Doge is a straightforward game that anyone can join in and start playing. To create a wall just tap and hold your screen for 10 seconds.

The game involves drawing lines using your fingers. As long as you keep your finger in place your finger, the thicker the line will appear. You should utilize as little ink as feasible. This is particularly important at the end of the levels, where bees are in massive quantities.

It is important to be careful where you put the wall since bees can appear in a variety of designs. The objective is to keep bees from the Doge for the longest time possible.

If the bees can overwhelm the player, Doge will be stung which could lead to his death! This could force you to begin the game from scratch.

save the doge playing tricks

Features of Save the Doge APK

Simple Controls

This game was developed to be a perfect example of casual gaming. It doesn’t require a lot of thought before you can play. The controls are simple – all you have to do is press and hold on to the screen.

Dangerous Bees

Doge’s life is constantly in danger by bees. They’re everywhere and grow faster and increasingly aggressive when you advance through the game. It’s your job to construct walls and prevent Doge from being infected!

saving the doge from bee

Increased Difficulty

The game starts simple, but it quickly increases in difficulty. As you progress to the next level you’ll be tested. The bees will arrive in huge numbers and diverse styles.

Test your Creativity

To save Doge you have to remain quick, precise, and efficient in the line drawings you draw. The game tests your acuity and imagination as you attempt to think up innovative ways to keep bees out.

Attractive Graphics

The game is simple. It’s played on a grid and has black backgrounds. It allows you to view the bees as well as the Doge. The adorable dog with his smoky eyes is also fun to gaze at.

Free Gameplay, No In-App purchases

This game is accessible for free. There aren’t any in-app purchases to entice you into spending additional cash. It is possible to play without paying a cent.

Download Save the Doge APK Here

Do you want to play an interactive game? Set up Save the Doge to protect your dog from bees.

Final Thoughts

Install Save the Doge APK with unlimited money and gems and diamonds. The latest version to protect Doge from the dangers of bees. Draw the line that will create an area to keep insects out.

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