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If you are a fan of games that involve tower defense, you should try taking part in Rush Royale now. Take advantage of this game now that lets you collect various cards and safeguard your territory. Rush Royale APK


 Name Rush Royale
Compatible with 15.0.46207+
version 2.6
 size 48.74 MB
MOD No add
category  ,,
Developer Game
Price Free
 Download Google Play

About Rush Royale APK

Rush Royale APK is a goalkeeping game with strategic elements from Publisher B.V. First, let’s look into the unique features in this game.

The tower defense game is one of the most the most popular games today that you can take pleasure in. There are numerous games for tower defense today, however this is a game played offline, where you’ll be playing against computer opponents. There are a lot of fun and engaging tower defense games available today, however Rush Royale is one of the most distinctive games currently. You can play an exciting tower defense game in which you’ll be competing against real players. You can play the game by playing with different cards that have unique abilities and statistics.

Released in the year this game is an online PVP game in which you build an troops of warriors by collecting these heroes. The game’s design is remarkably like Clash Royale down from the layout to the layout. The only difference is the gameplay which lets you get lucky with the cards right from the beginning. In this game, you’ll be a winner if you are able to protect your kingdom from invasion! This is a great tower defense game that lets you collect various cards today.

What is Rush Royale APK?

Rush Royale Mod APK is an awesome tower defense game featuring stunning visuals and gameplay. Gamers construct their defenses to defend the castle from attack using mages, soldiers, and other troops of combat. Guard your territory with force and also eliminate other areas around the world in order to protect yourself. They’re trying to infiltrate your territory, so get out there and fight to defeat them.

How do you install Rush Royale?

Before beginning the Rush Royale installation, you must make sure that your device isn’t running any older version.

1: Now then, click the APK link in the article to with downloading the game onto the device. (You must choose a reliable internet connection for a better download speeds).

 2: When the download has completed Click the settings button that appears at the bottom of the page.

3. The icon will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when the installation has been completed. All you have to do is touch it to play the game immediately.

Download Rush Royale APK for Android
Rush Royale is really a strategy game that is fully suited to expectations of players experience. The game features familiar play mechanics, innovative game modes, and sharp images, we believe you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of the phone’s display during the game experience.

Features Rush Royale APK

Rush Royale offers players a fantasyland setting in which players be part of a battle between the humans and monsters. Naturally, you’ll assist humans in defeating creatures that plan to conquer the world. But how do you go about doing that? The solution is to build defensive towers to stop attacks from enemies and thus ensuring the peace of the inhabitants within the kingdom. What’s more, the towers that you construct will be replaced by images of contemporary fighters and wizards. So, you’ll always be captivated by the game.

Protection of the base
Rush Royale’s gameplay won’t differ much from the similar strategy of the genre. The role of the player is to choose their warriors in a way that is appropriate and place them in the proper positions to increase their the strength of their. Each witch or warrior is a player with the ability to use a specific ability and range, so be sure to observe attentively before taking a decision.

The monsters move along the same direction, so it shouldn’t take too much time in figuring out the best way to defeat them. Later on, however the monsters’ system increases defense statistics which means that if the damage isn’t sufficient the game will end instantly. In general, the gameplay of Rush Royale is centered around defense of the base and will continue throughout the game.

Hero upgrade

Each time a battle is won after each battle, the player will earn the player a specific amount of bonus. The bonus money can be used to upgrade your hero’s skills to improve your chances of winning in the following battles. Of course as you increase your upgrade the more money will be lost. It is necessary for players to be active in the game frequently to upgrade every hero they’d like to. You are able to “burn on the scene” when you download Rush Royale via the APK hyperlink below the article.

PvP mode
One thing factors that makes Rush Royale stand out from other games is the fact that it incorporates PvP mode. This mode allows players from all over the world to battle or defend each other during combat. If a player decides to defend, they need to make sure that any adversaries pass through defenses in order to win. But, you must also to pray that your opponent will be defeated by the monster in order for the battle to come to an end. The defense mode will require both players to guard an area in the battle.

Cute graphics

We were quite shocked when a strategy game such as Rush Royale chose cute graphics for the details in the battle. However, we were dismayed when the atmosphere of combats was very well represented in the text and the quality of the images. The information is presented in a humorous cartoon style and battle effects were constructed in a highly and well-designed way. Additionally the transition effects that are present in the game are very smooth and steady throughout the game.


You can select an undetermined number and strike any hero in this fight.
Utilize these heroes to place them in the key positions of shooting every enemy.
Change the concentration of the gun to match the shooting abilities as well as the capability to rotate when facing the adversaries of our heroes.
Join the contest to get yourself several impressive spins and earn even more heros.
The strong kingdom is at stake and put together a reserve force to guard the kingdom.

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