Octopus Pro APK 6.1.4 (Premium unlocked)

Are you looking to play games on the go using the gamepad, mouse and keyboard? Download the Octopus Pro app now and connect peripherals to your smartphone.

Octopus Pro APK

App Name Coimobile_Octopus
Genre Tools
Size 13.71MB
Latest Version 6.1.4
MOD Info 6.1.4 / Mod: Premium unlocked
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About Octopus Pro APK

For gamers who are fervent the advent phones have brought a lot of improvements to the gaming industry and especially to the portable gaming market. As a result, you’re capable of playing fantastic games on Android devices, with stunning gaming and visuals that can rival even the top console games. But due to the limitations of equipment, some players may be unable to play games on mobile devices since they lack a convenient controller option.

Octopus Pro APK

In order to overcome this issue most people turn to an external controller that connects to mobile devices, giving you games that simulate consoles anytime you’d like. However, Octopus: Gamepad Keyboard, Mouse, Keymapper is among those amazing mobile apps allows you to connect your external controllers to Android devices. But, it’s much beyond a typical mobile application, since Octopus Gamepad comes with a range of exciting features that allow you to use your controllers.

Learn more about this incredible app developed by Octopus Gaming Studio with our reviews.

What is Octopus Pro APK

For starters, Android users can easily download the app to their device and take use using the Bluetooth connectivity to link to external controllers. It doesn’t end with the gamepad, but is far more The app will allow you to join the Android gadgets to mouse and keyboard. This changes the entire concept of mobile gaming, as players can now enjoy and play games to the maximum the same way they play on a console, or PC.

Octopus Pro APK

This is because, in addition to permitting your devices to swiftly connect and sync with controllers, the application allows you to use its capability to map certain gestures and commands to controllers and keyboards. This lets you have complete and accurate control when playing games. This is extremely crucial, particularly in high-stakes games like MOBA as well as online games.

As you progress in, the greater fascinating the application would become, since it provides a broad variety of settings that offer stunning detail and options. You will be able to completely alter your gaming experience by using appropriate calibrators and setting.

 features Octopus Pro APK

Here are the most amazing features this app offers:

Excellent compatibility with all of your controllers and games
In the beginning the app, you’ll see Octopus Gamepad Pro being extremely beneficial for those seeking a reliable application to control all their controllers. It also offers full support for nearly all Android games and apps that allow you to join multiple devices in a variety of your favourite games. With the highly adaptable OctopusEngine Android gamers can experience games on the go to the max.

Enjoy playing with your gamepads or keyboards and mouse.

This is truly amazing and has never been seen before. The application supports a variety of models from the well-known brand, such as Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesire, Logitech, Razer and more. Therefore, you won’t need concerns about device compatibility.

Different control methods for certain games.
Additionally to help you enjoying your gaming, Octopus Pro also comes with excellent support for all popular Android games. This means that you can use the key mappings that are preset from the moment you start getting into the games, which include over 30 titles. This means that you don’t have to spend your time searching for settings and changes in the games. Prepare yourself for instant fun when you’re at your best.

Octopus Pro APK

Additionally to those who are interested, the app comes with two basic control modes , which include both the Gamepad as well as Keyboard setting that allow you to use in your various games. Make use of the distinctive control methods in these modes to enhance your game to the max. Most importantly for the most popular games there’s an exclusive setting for every to ensure your overall gaming experience.

Customizable controller settings for your games
Additionally, as you become comfortable with the application you will discover many more keymap settings that allow you to build your custom control profiles for specific games. This is because Octopus has more than 20 components and control elements that can be used to build powerful gaming experience. With every option offering clear and simple settings, you are able to easily make your own settings for the new game you play. You can have fun with breathtaking gaming and comfortable controls whenever you play games with Octopus and its flawless gamepad calibration in-game.

Record your game-related experiences in top quality
Additionally while you delve into your gaming experience It’s as well possible for Android gamers running Octopus Pro to easily record their game play using the gaming recorder available. This app includes the integrated Screen Recorder app, which will allow you to record all of your gunfights, battles or even epic moments. So, it is possible to save these for later be able to watch later, or even show off and boast to your friends.

Make sure to connect with Google Play Store to sync your games
If you’re curious, the app provides an exciting experience with Google Play Login, which will allow you to keep track of your progress with specific games. Therefore, you’re able to play real games on mobile devices but still able to control your devices using the gamepad or controller. Be aware that in order to play this game you’ll need your Octopus Gamepad plugin ready.

Octopus Pro APK

False locations for your device
For those who want to play your games regardless of the location, it’s possible to utilize Octopus to simulate your game’s location. By using the fake location option you’ll be able to now play games, particularly online games, in a variety of areas around the world. Thus, you can enjoy fantastic game experiences any time you’re keen. Have fun and meet people across the globe by sharing your gaming adventures across the globe.

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