Ninja Hands APK 0.3.15 (Limitless money)

Utilize your ninja’s abilities to help the girls and defeat the villains! Are you a fan of ninjas?¬† In Ninja Hands APK, you can utilize a variety of ninja strategies to save your girlfriend and the entire world from evil. Explore the various levels today and have fun!

Ninja Hands main character

Name Ninja Hands APK
Publisher Yso Corp
Version 0.3.15
Size 196.77 Mb
Category Games
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0+
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About Ninja Hands APK

Nowadays, you can find many ninja-themed entertainments in the forms of television shows, anime genres, and even games. In games like the Ninja Hands game, it is possible to get lost in the world of ninjas during the 16th to 17th centuries of Japan.

ninja hands in the game

It is known that ninjas were employed for many good motives, such as the saving of lives, liberating prisoners, and so on. The same storyline is featured in the game developed by Yso Corp. Over 1 million players from all over the world are playing this action-based game to relax and enjoy their free time.

The storyline of Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands, the gameplay is based on the ninja player who employs different types of ninjutsu to eliminate enemies per the situations. The game has simple animations with adorable and funny characters with small bodies and large heads. Ninja warriors employ an agile combat system that can help them defeat opponents. In the other levels, you’ll have to make use of the ninja hero to save hostages.

Ninja hands with gloves

The hero should be alert to use the ninjutsu techniques not to harm innocent. If this happens the game will be declared a failure at the level you were in and have to start over. Each time a player wins an event there are a variety of rewards available, such as unlimited cash. In the future, the cash can be utilized to acquire various abilities and skins.

Features of Ninja Hands

There are plenty of exciting activities you can take part in as a Ninja today.

3-D graphics

Ninja Hands features amazing 3D graphics that let you fully enjoy the game. You can experience innovative techniques by discovering and activating hand movements. Make yourself the ultimate ninja now and help the girl!

Help the little girl

In the modern world, there are plenty of related ninjas that you can take pleasure in. There are ninja films and shows, anime, and games that you can play for hours on end.
Ninja hands and a boy
Apart from that many costumes as well as shirts, lunch bags, and other toys that are ninja-themed around the world.
If you are a fan of ninjas Ninja Hands is a fun game you can play today. The ultimate objective is to protect the girl from the evil guys!

Tools and techniques of ninjas

There are numerous films and TV shows about ninjas you’ve probably seen at this point. Ninjas are sneaky creatures that carry out their missions even while asleep. You can unlock and utilize different strategies which unique hand gestures be used to activate.

The tools you can make use of our water, electricity substitute, fire and many more. You will unlock more strategies when you complete more levels today. Enjoy a variety of levels to take on a variety of villains and help the girl! With Ninja Hands, you’ll be capable of using a variety of methods of a ninja that you watch on shows like Naruto.

Many levels to play

This game features multiple levels that are available to play today. Each level has you, battling with various kinds of enemies, who are ready to attack you with every weapon they have.

Ninja practicing hand techniques

It is your responsibility to apply your unique strategies to rescue the princess in the final. Take on a variety of enemies today and have fun completing numerous levels. You’ll be able to take on more difficult opponents as you go through more levels!

Download Ninja Hands APK 0.3.15 Here

Ninja Hands gives you a collection of different abilities that can keep your opponents from harming you. You’ll need to demonstrate your decisive skills to determine the ideal hand-hand coordination in any situation.

Additionally, when you take on your foes you’ll also earn rewards which you can use to unlock new “skins” that will allow you to customize the gloves of your warrior. Download Ninja Hands APK Game today to become the most powerful ninja!

Final Thoughts

Use ninja-like techniques of stealth to take on enemies and save the kidnapped girl. Start playing this game now and experience the endless Ninja action with amazing 3D graphics!

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