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Mivi APK is an editing and creation application that allows you to create and edit Stories on the most popular social networks. Choose a picture and then apply effects, stickers, text, and background music to transform your picture into a lively short video. This is a tool that is free to help you become a professional content creator.

Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.14.528
Size 91.49 Mb
Category Video players & editors
Developer Music Video Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link droidtechapk.com

About  Mivi APK

Making brief videos has become a rage trend in the present. You can find these video clips in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and most notably Tiktok.

Mivi APK

How do you create those videos on your phone? All you require is Mivi which is the app created by Music Video Studio. Mivi has more than 10 million downloads in Google Play and is widely utilized by social media users. Perhaps it’s only in the shadow of Capcut which is the most popular video editing app for mobile devices.

Are you struggling trying to turn hundreds of pictures into video? Why not combine all the images you wish to share in one shareable video, and eliminate the hassle of deciding which one to share and which to throw away! Get all the photos you don’t want to share make them compelling videos, and then show them off by presenting the top video clips of just one minute! Learn to become a professional video editor and create vibrant short videos for your picture collection. You just need to download Mivi Video Editor from Music Video Studio and be one of more than 10 million users using the app right now.

WhAt is Mivi APK ?

Mivi is one of the most effective video editing and maker applications on any Android device. The video editor can create high-quality videos with a set of images. Mivi Music Video Maker & Editor Mivi Music Video Maker & Editor is the most effective video maker software. With this app you can easily convert your images into videos, and include background music, as well as amazing backgrounds and text to create a unique music video.

Mivi APKThis app quickly gives you an assortment of images that have and a new style with the use of neon photos amazing common spiral backgrounds, emojis and angel wings, and much more!

You can choose from a range of templates that are available and use a range of effects. This app has already created the templates you need so you do not have to manually edit your videos. Select the best template and upload your images then the app will work its magic. Then, you can make changes and include other elements such as stickers, emojis, filters frames, text and other things. Download the app now and start creating the most appealing videos from your images right now.

How do download Mivi APK

Step 1 Step 1: Find “Mivi” at Modded-1.com and select to download its MOD or APK file by clicking “Download” “Download” link in the article.

Step 2: Wait for a couple of minutes for the download to finish, and then install it.

Step 3: When the installation has been completed The icon for the app will be displayed in your phone screen. Users simply need to start it and begin using immediately.

Mivi APK

Download Mivi Mod APK – Music Video Maker
The internet lets us accomplish a variety of things nowadays. With smartphones everywhere, we can snap pictures, stream movies or stream music and even check out social media sites. We are able to reach anyone we’d like, and enjoy many videos on the internet!

If you’re looking to make your own music video quickly you’ll require Mivi today. Mivi is an app which lets you swiftly create videos for TikTok and other social media platforms.

The app was developed in the company of Music Video Studio, this app has a range of templates that you can choose from. Each template comes with a distinct design that you can use to make your videos now. Upload your pictures and select one of the templates while the app will modify them for you.

You can enjoy a variety of effects such as Film 3D, Parallax, and other effects. You can edit your video to add effects, text backgrounds, filters and much other things. Upload your videos now to numerous social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Features Mivi APK

There are many different features you can avail from Mivi. Take advantage of these unique features right now.

A variety of templates available Many templates to useYou can do a variety of exciting things to make life more enjoyable. There are a myriad of fun apps and games you could use today, which allow you to enjoy all kinds of things. There are a myriad of apps available that let users to stream films as well as listen to music and even edit videos.

With the abundance of apps available at the moment, there’s plenty of possibilities to do today. However, if you’re looking to make music videos quickly and quickly, you’ll require Mivi now! Enjoy creating music videos that appeal to your audience today.

With this app installed on your phone it is possible to access a variety of premium templates available to utilize. These templates have been edited to allow you to use these templates today to create your own social media.

Mivi APK

You are free to choose from a variety of types of templates that come in a variety of styles and styles available.

You can add filters, text, products as background images to videos too. You are at ease editing and exporting your videos to ensure you can start having fun today!

Here are the top features in the app can offer:

Simple and simple to make use of Mivi APK
Similar to Beat.lyand Tempo, Android users will discover this musician video editor app extremely simple to use. In this app, you’ll be introduced to the user-friendly and stunning app UI that lets Android users to swiftly discover its features and create stunning artwork using the app. Select and upload any of your favourite images onto the platform. Mivi can then assist you to edit and design your images on the go.

Quick templates that can be used to create distinctive music videos
If you want to create simple and quick music videos, you’ll surely find the distinctive templates of Mivi to be extremely helpful. This is not just because the appealing templates offer distinct visual effects, they also permit Android users to quickly make their own artistic masterpieces quickly and easily.

Simply select to work with your preferred options: Film 3D, Parallax, Magic FX and many other options. Select any image you want to incorporate into the templates, and then personalize your music to make it unique and easily make songs videos of your own using the templates available. This makes it extremely simple to Android users to make their own stories and videos because the tools that transform one click allow you to create stunning music videos from air.

With over 100 available templates, each one with their unique visual elements and artistic artwork, along with fresh templates that are updated frequently, Mivi users will always enjoy Mivi to the fullest , and enjoying keeping up with the latest trends in fashion.

Fantastic filters and amazing effects.
For those who are interested, now is the time to take a look at the cool filters featuring stunning visual effects and artistic elements made by Mivi. They allow you to choose from an array of top-quality filters for photos, which could be applied on uploaded image to alter their appearance and hues. You are free to test the various filters on your photos and see them in a different way and to enable certain effects and adjustments to colors and even turning the whole subject to cartoons. The huge selection of filters available in Mivi will ensure that Android users will be able to take advantage of their creativity to the max.

Flexible and powerful text options
To help make the app more engaging to Android users to use, Mivi will also offer different text styles for you to incorporate into your artistic videos and photos. The app features hundreds of animated styles of text that users can select at any time and apply to your images. Each style will have distinct animations for display and playback of texts. This allows you to play with all the options available.

In addition you’re also able to customize the font settings using all of the fonts that are available in the system. Make adjustments to the color of the text and the sizes to better suit your needs for design. Feel free to place or align captions, quotations and subtitles to your personal ways.

Incredible effects and interesting effects can create stunning artwork
With its powerful visual effects, Mivi can ensure that Android users are able to create amazing artwork on their images and music videos in the shortest amount of effort feasible. Choose the effect you like best and then let the auto-apply function be in effect. This is where Mivi allows users to apply the distinct results of spiral, neon wings, emojis and hearts and many other fascinating visual elements. These can be used to create magic and all sorts of original images for the videos you choose.

Amazing backdrop settings that you can explore
Through Mivi, Android users can select to alter the background settings, and permit them to personalize particular visual elements of the photos. You can simply activate the background changer to allow Mivi modify the background of all images you have. Use the various tools and background options to alter the background of your photos by a couple of taps. Also, feel free to activate blur tools to aid in blurring backgrounds of your videos.

Save and share your original works
If you are interested, you can swiftly store and distribute your original projects with friends by using Mivi. This app gives you a high-quality video story that can be directly downloaded to the storage of your device. If you’d like to share your creations with other people, you can choose one of the numerous sharing options available in Mivi.



Mivi APK



With its best settings and options for formatting for every device, Mivi will make sure that your uploaded videos are compatible with their specific platforms.

Use the application that is unlocked to enjoy our mod
To enable Android users to experience Mivi’s premium app without the need to pay to purchase in-app items, Mivi is providing our premium unlocked version of Mivi that you can download. This version lets you use all the in-app features and also the ad-free version without spending a dime. Simply download Mivi Mod APK, install it on your device Mivi Mod APK Follow the instructions, and then begin to use the features.

Final decisions
With its simple and easy-to-use features, Mivi would make an easy and efficient tool to create music videos made from photos and files of music that are available for Android users. Upload your photos and Mivi will instantly edit them into great songs for you. Alternately, you can do the editing by yourself and have fun making the amazing pieces of artwork on the spot. Most importantly using the no-cost or locked version that comes with the app available on our site You’ll have more reasons to get started.

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