Lumber Inc APK 1.4.10 (Limitless Money, Gems)

If you’re interested in learning more about woods and lumbers download Lumber Inc APK right now and get a fresh simulation. This is where you can build your forest and harvest much lumber.

Lubmer tycoon man holding a log

Name Lumber Inc APK
Publisher Game Veterans
Latest Version 1.4.10
Size 174.86 Mb
Category Games
MOD Features Money and Gems
Support Android 5.0+
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About Lumber Inc APK 1.4.10

Create the lumber industry of your dreams, and you’ll soon be a lumber tycoon! Lumber Inc – a brand new idle simulation game. In this idle game, you run the small sawmill and work to grow your manufacturing facility to pursue big goals.

Lumber inc Man

Idle forest lumber is one of the most played simulation apps that have distinctive and exciting features. In this game, you are required to cut wood, build a limber, and then make money by selling it.

Features of Lumber Inc APK 1.4.10

In this version, Lumber Inc APK 1.4.10 includes limitless gems, money, and features that are available for free.

Explore the forests

You will require tree planters for the sustainable harvesting of your trees. Get more land for growing trees in all. The lumberjacks in your area could be trained to become skilled workers.

Forest of Lumber inc

Buy more land to plant the entire area! Learn to train your lumberjacks into proficient workers to effectively harvest logs.

Milling chains for milling

Upgrade and purchase new machines to speed up the processing of logs and create more lumber products. Several machines are waiting for you to explore them.

Hire people

Hire People In Lumber Inc. You have to recruit a lot of employees to keep the company running. This is a requirement for lumberjacks, tree planters, and more currently.

Hire people in Lumber Inc

You can also instruct your employees to boost their efficiency so that you can earn more money. There are many employees to employ today if you can pay for it.

Manage sales

To attract customers, run promotions and take orders swiftly to increase profits. You’ll love the addictive brand new game of idle log simulation. Create marketing campaigns to draw new customers, handle orders efficiently and earn the highest profits

Maintain and update vehicles

Log Trucks and forklifts transfer logs from the storage area to machines. Update, maintain, and repair them to ensure that the factory is operating continually.

Maitain vehicles in Lumber Inc

Biz upgrade

Earn BizPoints with each order processed spend your hard-earned BizPoints wisely to increase profits of the factory for a long time.

New machines

To speed up the processing of logs and to produce greater lumber, it is possible to upgrade or purchase new equipment. There are plenty of machines waiting to locate them.

Purchase new factory

New factories can be purchased to earn more money. Play the brand new and addicting idle game!

purchase new Vehicles

Download Most Recent Version of Lumber Inc APK 1.4.10 Here

Click the download button below and download the most recent version of Lumber Inc 1.4.10 APK for Android. If you’re looking to begin an enterprise today then download Lumber Inc idle APK now and make yourself the lumber king.

Final Thoughts

If you keep playing the game, the more intriguing you’ll discover it. The game is an easy and user-friendly interface thanks to which you can play the game with ease.

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