Lifting Hero APK 19.0 (Limitless Money)

Get Lifting Hero APK latest version and work your muscles while lifting different weights. It features cute graphics and sounds, amazing challenges, and numerous rewards.

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 App Name Lifting Hero
 Publisher Rollic Games
 Category Games
 Size 123.1 MB
 Latest Version 19.0
 Supported by Android 5.1+
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About Lifting Hero APK 19.0

This game mimics the process of weightlifting, giving you an understanding of how various exercises are executed. It starts with low weights, and then gradually increases the amount of weight as you gain strength.

As you progress through the various levels, the amount of weight you lift will become heavier. But, even then, they’re unique. For instance, you could be asked to carry an old pickup truck or a tractor! There are no limits to what you can do that keep the game interesting.

Main character of Lifting hero

Are you ready to be an athlete by lifting weights? Begin by lifting small weights. Then, you can and then sell the muscle you built. Purchase new items and lift weights. Click to get stronger, and strengthen your muscles.

Reach the massive weights

As you begin with chairs, you’ll eventually progress into weights heavy for one individual to carry. But, you might be able to be astonished by your ability to lift weights. They are minivans, trains, as well as pickup trucks.

Build Muscles

This game demonstrates the differences between your muscles at the beginning of working out and when you have completed them. There will be a shift in your body as you continue lifting weights. This will give you an impression of progress that is always stimulating.

Lifting hero is selling items in games

Get Your Muscles Moving

After working hard and lifting weights, you can showcase your muscle mass in front of the entire world. The best opportunity to show off your achievements and encourage others to start exercising.

Unlock Auto-Click Feature

After playing for a while and you’ll unlock this feature automatically. It allows you to click without delay, allowing you to work out even when you’re not engaging in the sport.

Buying selling details of Lifting hero

Fun-Themed & Relaxing Gameplay

This game is mostly intended for relaxation and entertainment. It’s great for times when you require a break from working or going to school. This gameplay is ideal for those who want to unwind and enjoy a quick jog.

Buying and Selling Items

Lifting Hero is not only about lifting weights. The program also includes a commercial aspect to it. It is required that you sell the weights that you have removed and use the proceeds to purchase new ones.

The cost of the weights varies based on the weight they weigh. As heavy the item, the greater the money you’ll earn selling it. You can then use the money to purchase lighter weights that are less expensive.

Great Graphics and Sound

This game is a great visual experience that will keep you entertained. The colors are appealing and the characters are cute. The weights are very well-designed and you can feel the various texture.

Lifting Hero holding a guitar

The music is also fantastic. It’s upbeat and makes you want to get some weights on! In this way, you’ll have fun while working out.
Plus, the city backdrop is vibrant. It is filled with gorgeous buildings, stunning backgrounds, and much more. This makes the game more enjoyable to play.

Download Lifting Hero APK 19.0 Here

Lifting Hero Lifting Hero is one of the well-known casual APK for Android. The latest version 19.0 is available for download. It was designed and developed by Ponyom Games. Get Lifting Hero MOD APK now and get the most advanced features.

Final Thoughts

Lifting Hero APK is an excellent game that provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It has well-designed graphics, fun and engaging gameplay, and an excellent idea. You can upgrade your character or purchase new equipment and exercise your muscles.

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