Last Cloudia APK 3.6.1 (God Mode, Limitless Skills)

The Last Cloudia APK, the most recent version is now available for free on Android. Test your abilities against frightful players in the game! You will join forces with beasts to beat them.

Latest Version 3.6.1
Size 97.86 Mb
Category Games
Publisher AIDIS
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Android Support 4.4 +
Mod info Mod Menu, God Menu, Limitless skills
Price Free


About Last Cloudia

If you’re a lover of fictional and fantasy worlds, battles, and adventure games, then download Last Cloudia for Android. The game’s gameplay is based on the player being the hero who is assigned a mission that takes place in a complete fantasy world. This is the best way to get away from the real world for a bit.

The entire game is made with stunning 3D graphics of high quality. This kind of design is an absolute masterpiece. It is essential to run this game on a minimum of medium-to-high-configuration mobile devices. If you don’t, it will result in a terrible gameplay experience.

The Story of the Last Cloudia

The game takes place in a universe in which humans and beasts are living together, a place called “Granzelia”. Humanity is just witnessing an unending war fought by God of destruction.

Now, you as the hero in this game, are to save an innocent girl. The route you’re about choose is full of terrifying beasts, monsters, and many other creatures that you’ve never seen before.

You’re strong enough to defeat these, but a bit of assistance and backup is always a good idea. Therefore, you’ll team with Kyle the young hot-blooded knight, as well as Rei.

Superb 3D Graphics and Jaw-dropping Visuals

It’s rare to enjoy games that have such breathtaking graphics. Not only can everything be seen with High Definition and high-quality 3D graphics, but also the sensation and feel of the game are unique and distinct. The sleek design, together with the many color combinations provide a charming and attractive feel.

last-cloudia trails of man

Features of Last Cloudia APK

The Last Cloudia could be a regular RPG game. But, it’s different from every other game you’ve played in the majority of cases. This game is packed with new features along with breathtaking graphics, which are sure to make you swoon. The following are features:

Customizable characters

Last Cloudia APK, the characters are enjoyable. This means they have distinct personalities, which makes them distinctive. The last Cloudia features a character growth system in which each character has an equal chance of becoming the strongest in the game. This implies that there aren’t any imbalanced characters just like in other games. It’s entirely your decision to improve them, especially when you are a fan of one.


Another option that can make players giddy is the PvP feature. Here, you can battle other players with your most powerful characters. You know that playing against players from around the globe makes the game even more thrilling. Here, you’ll be able to test your abilities as well as the strength of your character in real time. But, no two characters are the same, and it’s a long battle to win. Additionally, you can modify your favorite characters so that you can build the ultimate group. You can then use them to battle against other players from around the world. After you’ve fought, you could join them in fighting with them at a later date. Make bonds so that you can defeat stronger opponents each time.

Incredible graphics and voiceovers

Another feature that this game is unique in is the graphics. Its 3D-based graphics look current enough to keep up with the current metrics. With every game being created in the best quality, LastCloudia’s graphics will amaze you. Yes, they’re in 2D but the design of the characters and the other elements will bring you to a new level of enjoyment. The effects that occur when you pound the enemies are real enough to be an RPG game. Additionally, the voiceovers are enjoyable to listen to as your characters speak during battle. You are also able to hear them talking on the home screen as you increase their capabilities.

Last Cloudia Graphics

Simple controls

In this game, you can control the gameplay as simple as counting from 1 to 3. This game has all the controls you require right in your hands. Just tap the attack, and then select the characters you’d like. You can then change characters from the menu. For everything else, they’re easy to use and you can tap them when you want to. The control system is fantastic because it’s extremely simple, yet essential. It means that everything you’ll ever require is within arm’s reach.

An engaging storyline

As previously mentioned, this video game takes place in the universe of Granzelia. In this world, animals and humans reside together, making for quite thrilling action scenes. As you advance your story, it also grows. This makes it an enjoyable experience, not only a boring experience.

Mysterious Places

The universe of the Last Claudia APK is vast and divided into various regions. Five positions include Aldana, Lanzelia, Migal, Rodal, and finally Labor. Your journey will begin in Migal which is an overcrowded city. You will then embark on new missions and move on. Every place has its own unique particular culture, as do its distinctive warriors. The risks in these areas are constantly changing. It is important to be cautious when taking trips to experience new things. The diversity and the vastness are always beautiful that will never get boring.

Final thoughts

Take part in the exciting quest through Last Cloudia APK for free download. The task of rescuing the beautiful girl is waiting for you. Last Cloudia is a grandiose game full of action and compelling stories Download the unlimited money mod if you want to play it without having to wait a long time to upgrade your characters. Download it today!

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