KonoSuba Fantastic Days APK 2.6.11 (Unlimited money) Free Download

Do you love KonoSuba? Download KonoSuba Fantastic Days Mod APK right now! Have a great time here with the most popular character from anime.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days APK

 Name KonoSuba 
Compatible with 5.0+
version 2.6.11
 size 346.74 MB
MOD Unlimited Money 
category  Casual
Developer  Game
Price Free
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About KonoSuba Fantastic APK

If you’re a fan of anime then there are a lot of shows to enjoy today. There are a lot of enjoyable anime shows we can enjoy today across various genres.

There are a lot of anime series available, a lot of films and also games have been from anime. The most well-known Isekai anime series includes KonoSuba, and with KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, you are able to play an enjoyable RPG game.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days APK

With this video game you’ll enjoy yourself as it is part that is part of NEXON Company. You can experience the world like the anime, since there’s an entire adventure waiting for you. You’ll have to defeat evil forces when you take on The Devil King’s army right now.

You’ll be playing with your favorite characters in this game, such as Aqua, Kazuma, Megumin, Darkness, and many more. Experience epic battles today and unlock a variety of capabilities. There are tons of exciting adventures to be discovered within this RPG game! Play now!

What exactly is KonoSuba Fantastic APK ?

A Spectacular Animation RPG that is full of fantasies, laughter, and EXPLOSIONS!KonoSuba: Implausible Days is here to take you to a new world.

You’ve been called by a courageous adventurer, an area that is under threat from the Satan King’s military in the very first KonoSuba mobile game to be released globally. The journey may be long and scary, but do not fret! You received’t be going empty-handed…becoming a member of your get together shall be all of the KonoSuba characters you already know and love, together with some recent new faces.

Begin your journey and save the world from the evil forces! But, when it comes to Aqua there is a chance that you’ll need to do much of the rescue yourself self…particularly in the face of these big toads.

How to install Obb/Data Modded Games

Method 1 (root and rootless):
1. 1. Download OBB documents as well as DATA documents and extract the zip files
2. Move Files from OBB (con.xxx directory) to the Android/OBB folder on your device
or move data Files (com.xxx directory) to the Android/data folder of your device
3- Download and Install mod APK
5- Enjoy

KonoSuba Fantastic Days APK

feature of KonoSuba Fantastic APK

Unwilling journey
When you join KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, players don’t just manage their character and investigate the world around them. You must combat them in intense combat. In addition, you’ll encounter numerous heroes and formidable warriors along the route. Find them willing to be your friends during the dangerous adventures to come.

Your mission in the game is not difficult at all. You only need to eliminate all enemies on every level and keep on exploring to face other players. Furthermore the game’s plot is very diverse, promising that you will find some of the most intriguing things to do.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days APK

Combat based on turn
While the game is designed using the standard role-playing format however, the fights that take place in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days possess an esoteric turn-based style of fighting. This isn’t a type of combat that’s too unusual for gamers currently. This means that you can enjoy the game’s gameplay provides in a fairly brief amount of duration. Additionally, KonoSuba: Fantastic Days does not have an automated system, therefore players have to be able to do their best in every battle they take part in.

Participate in battles that are fierce
In a game you are able to take control and manage your character’s ability to execute skills or attack with basic manipulative techniques. Keep in mind that the damage done will be largely dependent on the character’s strength. So, the strategic element during each game is among the main factors that determine your success or loss. Select characters that match your opponents you will face on the field for an immediate advantage.

Various characters

The game was designed and is influenced by the well-known “Konosuba” novels. This is why the system of characters that is used in the game has been made to look familiar and staying true to the original. Every individual character from KonoSuba: Fantastic Days has an individual story which you can learn about when you play the game now.

In addition, the abilities and the roles each character plays as well as the roles each character plays are totally different. For example, resistance, support, archers, magicians, etc. With this players can make use of the strengths of each individual form a good team. This will increase the win percentage in every game you take part in to a greater stage.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days APK

High-quality graphics
As is the case with most role-playing games of present, KonoSuba: Fantastic Days has a stunning 3-D graphic platform. Additionally the intricate design elements will surely provide players with a stunning visual quality. The characters of the game feature anime-style characters that originate from Japan and Japan, which make them cute and more attractive than ever before. Furthermore to that, the game has a the use of a fairly bright color system which makes the surroundings as transparent and bright as is possible.

How do I Install KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

1 Step 1: Step 1: Download KonoSuba: Fantastic Days (APK or MOD) version released exclusively by MODDED-.

2: Unlock untrusted settings, then allow the game “KonoSuba: Fantastic Days” to open settings on your mobile.

3: Open the file KonoSuba: Fantastic Days_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Choose the settings.

Step 4: Go through on-screen instructions.


Even though it was just launched a couple of days time ago, KonoSuba: Fantastic Days has received lots of support from gamers. Particularly for those who enjoy anime styles and anime style from Japan. This game will provide fascinating stories that revolve around the principal characters, as well as meticulously crafted gameplay. This means that players can experience everything clearly and effortlessly starting from the very first time they play.

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