KartRider Rush APK 1.16.8 Free Download

Kartrider Rush APK latest version free for Android. Test your Kart riding skills with the best in the world. Are you ready to win?

KartRider Rush APK

 Name  Tower crusher 
Compatible with 5.0+
version 2.6
 size 48.74 MB
MOD Unlimited Money 
category  Casual
Developer Sincapp Game
Price Free
 Download Google Play

About KartRider Rush

Kartrider Rush is a great Android app for those who love kart racing games.

This kart racing game is one of the best you’ll ever experience. It is packed with action, racing and drama as well as a compelling storyline.

KartRider Rush APK

Developers would be grateful for the effort they put into creating this beautiful 3D game. Every aspect of the game has an entirely unique and beautiful feel from the very beginning.

This game requires a minimum of a medium-sized mobile device. A high-end phone is required to enjoy this game to its fullest.

What is it?

Kart games are a very popular game. They were first introduced in 2000 and have been loved by people ever since. They have a fun and different vibe to racing games, with cute and playful characters. Mario Kart is a well-known game with its famous Mario cast.

KartRider Rush APK

Kartrider Rush by Nexon Company is a unique kart racing game. The game is available in Google Play Store with over 1,000,000 downloads! It is a popular game that many people are playing right now. This installment is the sequel to the original game, but it has impressive 3D graphics. Continue reading to learn more!

Kartrider Rush Features

Kartrider Rush might look like your typical kart racing game. But, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that it is not. You’ll find it more enjoyable than other kart racing games. Here are some of the highlights:

Story Mode In the story mode you can embark on an adventure that is created by the game. This is not the easiest mode. Although the initial challenges may seem easy, you will find it difficult to overcome them later. One thing is certain, to earn 3 stars at any level, you must meet certain requirements.  may have to beat certain opponents or complete the race within a time limit. and have many chapters to conquer in Kartrider Rush!

You can play different game modes –

If you are bored by the story mode, there are other options. Speed Race requires you to master drifting skills in order to win. As you progress, the racetracks get more difficult. To unlock more challenging tracks, you will need to accumulate more licenses. Arcade Mode has sub modes like Lucci Runner, Infini-Boost and Relay Race. These modes can be used in either a team or solo mode, so you can choose what you want. You can also choose Ranked Mode, where you will fight against other players and display your dominance by your rank. You can climb to the top of the leaderboards if you beat many players around the world. The Time Trial is the final step. You must beat the clock to win it! Your enemy is you, and there are no other opponents.

KartRider Rush APK

Drifting –Most racing games don’t consider drifting, but Kartrider Rush does! The drifting aspect is included so players can improve their skills. To drift your way to victory, you’ll first need to complete the tutorials. It’s not an easy task! Drifting is a skill that can be learned and will help you win.

Multiplayer The multiplayer element is what makes any game so fun. This feature is present in almost every game, and Kartrider Rush doesn’t disappoint! You’ll race against 8 other players in the multiplayer mode on a challenging racetrack. You can prove your worth by winning more races, climbing the leaderboards and proving your worth.

Club –

Another great aspect of Kartrider Rush are the clubs. Clubs can be created or joined by people who share your interests, so you can join together on quests. You can invite your club members to race together and receive rewards. You can also just hang out and race together. Clubs are a great way to feel connected with others who share your passion for kart racing.

45+ tracks Kartrider Rush has 45+ racetracks to keep players entertained! You can take a tour of London’s bustling city or relax in Shark’s Tomb. Each track is different and poses its own challenges. It’s possible to have your favorites over time, but that is not a problem.

Amazing 3D graphics – What makes Kartrider Rush a better game than the previous one is its 3D graphics. The graphics are not only fun, but also very realistic. Smooth animation and seamless effects make this a great game. This is what makes the game so fun to play!

Sensational controls In this game, controls are simple. To control your direction, you just need to tap the virtual arrows left and right. To perform crazy drifts, tap the drift button. Once activated, the nitro button will appear on the right side.

Racing Tracks at another Level

KartRider Rush APK

Over 45 race tracks allow you to accelerate to the finish. Race through the bustling streets of London Nights or the frigid cold of Shark’s Tomb. Each track provides a different racing experience that will challenge your limits.



Permissions for Smartphone Apps

We need certain permissions to provide the following services.

[Optional App Permissions]

Foto/Media/File: Save photos and upload videos

Telephone: Numbers to be used for sending promotional messages

Camera: Taking photos or filming videos for uploading.

Mic: Talking during the middle of a game

* These permissions can still be granted and the game can still be played.

[How To Withdraw Permissions]

> Android above 6.0: Setting andgt, App >. Select App andgt. Permission List andgt. Allow/Deny Permission

> Android below version 6.0: Upgrading to the OS to remove or deny permissions

* The game may not initially offer permission settings in some cases. To modify permissions, please use the above method.

* In-app purchases are possible. You can disable this feature by changing your device’s settings.


KartRider Rush+ MOD APK (Unlimited Money), is an excellent game. This game reflects the boldness of Korean game development culture. The game features 3D animations and a funny sound system. This game is a must-have for speed lovers.

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