IndyCall APK 1.16.48 (Unlimited minutes)

Install  Indycall APK with unlimited credits, the latest version to make and make calls for free in India. It is easy to use and can save your time and money, without sacrificing quality!

ndycall APK 

Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.16.48
Size 49.13 Mb
Category Communication
Developer Indycall
Price Free
Google Play Link Google Play
MOD Unlimited minutes

About ndycall APK

ndycall APK 

Indycall APK is a communication application that lets users make calls at no cost across India. You can make calls anywhere across the world without paying charges or charge cards.

However, it does have limit on calls, which are usually shown in minutes. If you exceed the limit on minutes you will be asked to replenish your account. There are two main methods to do this and that’s:

Utilizing in-App purchases. The application offers various In-App purchase options, each of which will provide you with additional minutes you can call. They range in price of $0.99 to $4.99 for each item.
Watch Advertisements and Complete surveys. The app has various offers that you can take part in to earn more minutes. For instance, you could select to view an advertisement and, in return you’ll get some extra minutes which are available to call.

What is the reason Indycall APK is So Popular?

Call data rates have decreased substantially in recent times and now there are numerous options for making calls. However, this program offers a few distinct aspects that stand above the rest and include:

Free Calls across India. This is the main feature of the application. It lets you make calls for free anywhere within India without consuming any minutes.
An Outstanding calling experience. The app uses the most recent VoIP technology to offer you the best call experience. Its calls sound clear and there’s virtually delay.
A robust Network. The app comes with a reliable network that allows you to call even when you are in remote regions.
user-friendly interface. The app has an intuitive user interface that is simple to navigate

What exactly is the What is the Indycall Mod APK?

Indycall Mod APK or Indycall Mod APK with unlimited number changes, it is a no-cost communication app which allows you to communicate to people around you fast. The use of this app can save users an enormous amount of dollars. Download and install the app without having to pay for any method. Indidycall Mod APK to Android devices doesn’t need a complicated configuration. It is especially secure and easy to make any call you’d like.

How do I download and install IndyCall APK?

The downloading and installation of indycall can be fairly simple. Follow these steps:

Download the file via our website. The file is free.
After downloading the file, open it and then install the file on your computer. If there is a problem after installation, navigate into Settings – Security – Unknown Sources and then turn on the switch.
After installation, you can open the program and begin making free calls with no limit!
features of IndyCall APK

 features Indycall APK 

ndycall APK 

It’s basically an alternative version of the application that you can download from our website. You are able to download an upgraded version that includes additional features. Premium edition that is unlocked and displays all the pro version’s capabilities in this updated version.

This modification is connected to the ad blocking rules which block any app-related ads. This version does not require rooting in order to install, and it has anti-ban and anti-virus features, as well as no lagging and is able to fix every bug.

Make every phone call no cost

Indycall is an amazing application that lets you make calls for free to anyone who reside in India. Before adding a phone number, ensure that you include the country code +91. You’ll get a limited number of free minutes when you install the app on your device. you can use but you have to then purchase them using real cash.

Enter your number
There are numerous features available in the indycall application. This is a fantastic characteristic of the indycall app as it allows you to connect your telephone number to the application to benefit from all its features. Since you are a user of this application when you make a call they’ll see your caller ID because you’ve signed up. It is essential to sign up to enjoy these benefits.

Free minutes for calling 

It is all you need to have is a certain number of minutes for free to begin using this app and then you can make calls to your relatives and friends in India. If you do use the free minutes you will need to purchase real-money calls , or you could be rewarded with free minutes when you watch ads. Do not fret if you don’t enjoy ads. This program has other surveys that could aid you in earning additional minutes for free.

Add the numbers of relatives, friends, and friends
This is, without certainty, the most valuable feature of the indycall app as it lets you maintain a record of every one your Indian contacts and numbers, to ensure that you never lose one. There are no limitations in the amount of contact numbers that can be saved, so you can add as many contacts as need to. It is possible to dial your saved number with just one click, meaning you don’t have to type repeatedly.

Supports HD video calling
In the realm of communication via voice, high-quality calls are crucial. In the end, indycall gives its users the best quality voice communications that are accessible. When you talk you won’t experience problems or delays because everything that is in this application functions perfectly. Each time you utilize this application, you’ll enjoy top quality voice connections. This is a significant reason why a lot of users choose to use the app for low-cost call to Indians.

Its interface easy to make use of

The user interface of an application can be easy or complicated, but indycall has a simple user interface. That ensures that you don’t face any issues since every function are easy to operate. Since it is simple to use, this application can be used by anyone of all different ages. It is easy to learn about the program with just some effort.

Call for free with unlimited minutes
The app allows users to use a limited number of minutes free before you need to watch ads in order to get additional minutes. This version gives you free unlimited minutes that you can use to call for as long as you like and there are no limits or limitations.

No annoying advertisements
The default version of indycall includes pop-ups and video ads that can disrupt your call . You must purchased for the premium edition in order to eliminate these. However, if you would like to eliminate advertisements and you want to download it, then install it using the latest APK version, as that version doesn’t contain any kind of advertisement. This means that you can make use of this application.


The Indycall app is an ideal option to reduce your phone bills. With its various ways to unlock additional minutes, you are able to make calls without worrying about the cost.

The user-friendly interface of the app allows it to be used easily even for those who are new to the app! It is also possible to download Indycall APK download to get Indycall  APK for download to take advantage of all the features available in the premium version without having to spend any money.

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