Hotel Hideaway APK 3.39.2: Virtual world

Create your 3D avatar Hotel Hideaway APK and get ready to enter the thrilling Metaverse Virtual World! Do you want to be a charismatic Social Butterfly, a Style Icon, or even the ultimate Home Decor? It’s your choice!

App Name Hotel Hideaway APK
Update Oct 11, 2022
Latest version 3.39.2
Size 50.92 Mb
Developer Sulake Corporation Oy
Category Games
Price Free
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About Hotel Hideaway APK

Hotel hideaway avatars

Get yourself into the realm of Hotel Hideaway A social online 3D role-playing game that offers a variety of ways to meet new people and create friends. This simulator for life is an energetic and exciting virtual world filled with entertaining activities and social interactions!

Discover the exciting world that is Hotel Hideaway: a social online role-playing game in 3D that offers plenty of chances to make friends with new acquaintances. It’s a bustling and lively world filled with entertaining activities and social occasions!

Make a statement and be noticed with a variety of fashionable clothes, accessories, and accessories. Personalize your space by incorporating a range of furnishings and accessories. Learn the secrets of gestures and dance moves. Then party until the wee hours of the morning in exclusive public spaces!

Features of Hotel Hideaway APK

Customize and decorate your room

Create and personalize your hotel room to suit your needs with an array of furnishings and decor!
Your room can be transformed into a spectacular party space for your family and friends or a quiet place to unwind and relax from the bustling corridors and public spaces in the hotel.

Set up each item and select the right color scheme that will match your personal space design.
New furniture pieces are introduced frequently!

Socialize and make new friends

new friends in hotel highway

Chat with guests from other rooms and join tribes. Building new friendships as well as inspiring other guests is how you can make yourself the most well-known guest! Make friends with your group and create the group you want to be. Group. Finish your daily objectives and tasks, and compete against other groups to earn special rewards.

Explore the Hotel with fellow guests and discover hidden treasures.
Meet up with your group of friends! Display your flair for style and become a household name with your friends!

3d live social role-playing game

Hotel Hideaway is a 3D metaverse that lets you transform into the person you’ve always wanted to be.
Chat live with people from all over the globe.

Explore the unique areas and see what the Hotel has got to provide. Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment, have a party on the beach, or chill in one of the numerous other rooms with your buddies!

Get noticed by wearing fashionable clothing and extravagant outfits.
Join in seasonal events themed to your season There’s something new to do and see in the Hotel each month.

Regular live events

Create a unique avatar

Enjoy a night of fun and relaxation with your pals at Love Island Villa. Love Island Villa, is a special room for public use that was created in conjunction with The Love Island TV series!

Enjoy regularly scheduled concerts and performances performed by genuine world-renowned artists and performers at the Hotel’s distinctive Concert Venue, which is a special public space that is open only at these special times! You never know, perhaps your favorite performer will appear! Be sure to keep an eye on our social media to keep up-to-date with the program.

What is it you’re still waiting for? Get yourself into the world of Hotel Hideaway now and make a footprint! Be aware this Hotel Hideaway is for ages 17plus.

Stand out from the crowd

The Hotel Hideaway is a fun game to put on a show and be noticed with a wide selection of chic clothes that will draw attention. In addition, you could modify your room using an array of furniture and accessories according to your preferences. Also, be sure to master the dance moves and gestures which you can utilize for the event.

Virtual reality life simulator role-playing game

gestures in hotel highway

Dress to impress and make yourself stand out by wearing a wide array of chic clothes, accessories, and other items. Make your room your own by incorporating a range of furniture pieces and decor. Learn dance moves and secret gestures. Moves, and then dance till late in exclusive public spaces!

Creating your own avatar

There are plenty of exciting things to do like chatting or learning new gestures, as well as graceful dances together. Afterward, take a trip out to discover the many amazing options available within the app.

It is possible to make gestures to others or send them emotes or simply converse with people. If you are a part of the realm of Hotel Hideaway You will be able to experience some truly unique experiences.

The greatest part is that Hotel Hideaway is an online game, so if you’re connected to the internet you are able to play Hotel Hideaway anyplace you are. With these many options to connect and interact, it’s simple to make new friends and enjoy endless fun.

design your room in hotel hideaway

You’ll get to talk to a variety of people, as well as make acquaintances with characters that you think are a good fit and love. To enjoy playing comfortably and being your personality, you can create and create your own private room.

Show your individuality to the world as well as let people know what type of person you are. Whatever you’d like to do for an interactive social game, whether it’s creating your own avatar or creating yourself into an avatar. Each area also comes with 3D backgrounds which look impressive for what they are.

How to install hotel hideaway Apk?

1. Download Hotel Hideaway – Virtual Reality Life Simulator
2. Enter Settings / Security / Check Unknown Source
3. Install it until you’re finished.
4. Play this Game

Download Hotel Hideaway Now

Hotel Hideaway Virtual World’s latest version is for download at no cost to Android devices. Hotel Hideaway Virtual World APK is the most well-known Role-Playing app. It has been upgraded and is extremely popular with all of the players. Download it and run Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World APK on your Android device. Hotel Hideaway Virtual World APK can be installed on any Android device running Android and later versions.

Final Thoughts

Hotel Hideaway is a fantastic role-playing game. You can design your own 3D avatar and dive into this thrilling virtual world and the next virtual world. Did you ever wish to be a charismatic Social Butterfly, a Style Icon, or maybe even the Ultimate Designer of your Home? You can be all those things.

You decide which you would like to become. Download Hotel Hideaway Additionally, it’s an online social 3D role-playing game. This game is packed with opportunities to meet new people and create your own new family of acquaintances. The Hotel, however, is a vibrant and lively world filled with social experiences and opportunities to explore and do what you like.

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