HealthifyMe APK v18.10 (Premium) Unlocked

The most essential thing for someone who is new in a gym , or for health people who are looking to improve on his body is to monitor the calories he consumes. Are you looking to shed weight? Reduce calories, increase muscles, and track your nutrition through downloading ” Healthifyme Apk”. In order to stay healthy and disease-free requires a diet that’s compatible with your lifestyle. It should be simple to adhere to for a longer period of time.

App Name HealthifyMe
Version 18.7.1
Size 47MB
Download 10,000,000+
Rate 4.4

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HealthifyMe APK v18.10 (Premium) Unlocked

About HealthifyMe APK

If you’re an avid fitness fanatic, you are aware of how crucial it is to monitor your calories by balancing microscopic and macronutrients. Find your health profile that is personalized useful in tracking your fitness goals as well as creating your diet plan with the healthifyme counter for calories.

Healthifyme mod apk can assist you in doing it by providing other fascinating features such as keeping track of your exercise, water intake and sleep reminders, creating your diet charts with nutrition experts, and executing live yoga classes with experts who are ready to help you.

Once you are connected to it, allow it to help you achieve your goals in a faster and more efficient method. It will handle the most important needs of your fitness journey. Track over 55,000 foods & 1,500 exercises. Get real-time information and automated advice on your health. Get the best guidance from the best coaches.

Positive features within this app:

  • The interface is extremely user-friendly and neat. Very simple to use even for novice users.
  • There is no need for additional permissions to use the app.
  • Large database of food, which lets you keep track of your calories and nutritional content from food quickly. The database is regularly updated with new foods and items that are that are used by users.
  • Social community feature lets you share your journey to fitness with other people or be inspired by other people’s stories.
  • Reminders for sleep and water are extremely useful and helpful.
  • The recent addition of the vaccine slot for covids has been found to be extremely beneficial.
  • HealthifyMe APK v18.10 (Premium) Unlocked


  • The diet plans and workout routines are available only to registered members.
  • Needs to be updated more often which may be frustrating at times.
  • Numerous bugs and performance limiting factors can make it difficult to use.
  • Some people found their diets with difficulty and they were unable to finish the program.

How HealthifyMe App Works

HealthifyMe is easy to use. It provides all the health information you require on one app that includes food and exercise. The tips are all practical and can be utilized quickly and without fuss.

The app examines your lifestyle and suggests specific steps to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you’re a fitness addict or an avid follower of healthy living or are a novice to the fitness and health field This app is sure to meet your requirements.

HealthifyMe APK v18.10 (Premium) Unlocked

Plus, the app is absolutely free and comes with an intuitive user interface. It is available at any time and from anywhere in your busy life!

Calorie Calculator

Now you can easily calculate your daily caloric intake by using the HealthifyMe app. Built-in Calorie Calculator feature within this app is easy and simple to determine the amount of calories one can get from their daily food. The app contains a complete list of food items and foods, so if you’re wondering about how many calories are contained in certain food items, you’ll be able to determine the amount by searching for the information! In addition, as there’s an Calorie Calculator within the app when we enter the amount of calories derived through food into the calculator, we can find the total amount of calories one consumes each day.

Nutrition Calculator

You can now monitor your health using Nutrition Calculator. It will help you determine the amount of Protein as well as Fiber and Carbohydrates you’re getting from every food item. A simple chart explains the amount of grams of each of the nutrients your dish is likely to provide. In the spirit of charts, we have a brand new one on our site that tracks the amount of calories consumed against the amount people spend for coffee every day. You can check it out.

HealthifyMe APK v18.10 (Premium) Unlocked

Diet Chart

You’ll know that you’re eating chart due to its chemical makeup. It’s supposed to be a full science. The descriptions of the food items you need to eat as well as those that you should avoid are accompanied by a list of the conditions you must meet before you begin the process.

How to Download

  • First of Click on The Given “Download” Button at the Top and Bottom of the Page
  • They will go to the next Link Link at the provided Link
  • Download the healthifyme mod apk from the following Link
  • Healthifyme app downloads and successfully stores in your phone.
How to Install
  • If you’re running the mod apk older version then uninstall it version and then install it with the latest mod apk version that is the latest version.
  • Once you are sure that the mode apk game download is complete After that, open the settings tab within your phone.
  • After that, go into phone Settings >> Security Tab Click on Unknown resourcesClick on the checkbox and then turn it on. Additionally, you can disable it to shield it from other sources.
  • It is essential to make sure that the smartphone or tablet has enough room to install the game.
  • Click the Install Button and then wait one second to complete the installation.
  • Now the mod apk has been successfully installed in your phone.
  • Download the file and enjoy The Unlimited Resources.
Requirements healthifyme For Andriod
  • Minimum Requirement Android 4.5 or greater version
  • At a minimum 4GB RAM
  • Good Internet Connection
healthifyme on PC
  • Install this Emulator “Bluestacks” on your device.
  • Download the Emulator bluestacks.exe file on your personal computer
  • Start Bluestacks on your computer. Bluestacks app from your PC and log in using your Google account to continue.
  • Download the Healthifyme apk and then enjoy the app.
Is the healthifyme mod apk secure to play?

Yes you can use the free version secure and then purchase the premium version which is secure. But the modified apk isn’t completely safe because it was created by someone else that does not belong to the original creator of the apk Therefore, I suggest you purchase the premium version and purchase a certain amount , and then play with it. However, if you choose to purchase the apk from it will give you the secure mod apk and can play and relax.


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