Goku to Hell APK 1.0.0 (Pixel Game)

Install Goku to Hell APK, the latest version, and bring peace and tranquility across the planet. It features simple pixel art graphics, action-packed games, and dynamic enemies.

Goku to the Hell

 App Name Goku to Hell (Pixel Game)
 Publisher 25gamer
 Category Games
 Size 19.2 MB
 Latest Version 1.0.0
Price Free
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About the Game: Goku to Hell

Goku to Hell APK is an action game that is offered by 25gamer. It features simple graphics in pixel art and action-packed gameplay.
It follows the adventures of the protagonist “Goku” on a quest to protect the world from evil.

Goku to the hell fighting
The game takes place in the setting of a dystopian city and you have to use your abilities to take on enemies to bring the goddess back.
Goku to Hell is an action-oriented platform that incorporates the power of pixel art.

Who is Goku?

“Goku” is an incredibly young and courageous man who fights against darkness, no matter the cost.
Help him in his quest to save the goddess and restore the peace and tranquility that once existed.


The graphics are simple and the game features an art-like pixel style. But the gameplay is action-packed and fast-paced. You’ll have to be able to avoid attacks from enemies and defend yourself with your tactics.

The controls are easy to master, and you’ll learn them quickly. Simply move your character in various directions, ensuring you take on and kill your foes.

Control system

Although the game features are easy-to-control systems but the gameplay isn’t simple. You must dodge enemies’ attacks and counterattack. The game is very fast-paced and you’ll need quick reflexes to win.

Additionally, you will need to work through puzzles to advance. This could be anything from working out how to avoid a trap, to utilizing your environment to eliminate an adversary. Your ability to think creatively is crucial in your winning.

Types of Enemies

The game features 27 enemies each with their specific skills and capabilities. You are responsible for recognizing your adversaries’ weaknesses and exploiting them.

Additionally, the game features bosses, who are much more complex than regular enemies. You’ll have to use your thinking skills to defeat the bosses down. The enemies that you’ll face are:

Traditional attackers:

While playing Goku to Hell APK you will need to use your unique skills to defeat them.

Huge creatures:

these blazing creatures are covered in thick fur. It is important to use your agility to stay clear of their attacks and attack them when they’re weak


These are extremely powerful. They can slash your body with their huge bodies. Be sure to stay far from their reach and then attack them at times when they are least likely to.

Giant insects:

They are swift and fierce. They can harm you with their bite. Be quick to shield yourself from their attacks, and then counterattack.

Moving creatures:

These enemies are difficult to knock down. Avoid mistakes and be precise in your attacks and bring them out before they get an opportunity to react.

Moving creatures of Goku to the Hell
They are slow, but they are relentless. They’ll keep coming at you until you take them down. Be strategic in your attacks, in case they take over you.

Features of Goku to Hell

30 fun-filled levels:

Goku to Hell APK  has carefully crafted levels that are brimming with challenges. Each level dives deeper in the narrative and will test your skill. The thrilling story keeps players wanting to return to find out more.

A distinct art style:

The game has an aesthetic of pixel art that looks appealing to the eye. Every aspect has been thought of to provide you with the most enjoyable gaming experience. The character sprites are also made to look authentic.

3 powerful bosses:

As we said, this game will have bosses who test your abilities for the examination. They have special abilities that make them hard to eliminate. It is a shame that you need to find ways to stop them and help the goddess. You have to unleash all your strength to bring the demons down.

An engaging storyline:

The storyline in the Goku to Hell APK is intriguing. The game will keep players interested throughout the entire game. The cut scenes are well-crafted and enhance the experience.

Customizable touch controls:

This game offers users the ability to alter the controls according to their preferences. You can alter the control scheme and buttons to your preferences. This feature lets you enjoy a more relaxing gaming experience.

Goku to the hell facing challenges

Auto-save feature:

The game automatically keeps track of your progress while you play. You can continue from the place you left off, without needing to start at the beginning.

MFI controller support:

The game also works with MFI controllers. This gives you the traditional experience of gaming. It is possible to connect a controller to your gaming device and begin playing.

In-game achievements:

Goku to Hell APK comes with achievements that can be earned while playing. These achievements increase your replay enjoyment. They also provide you with something to aim for when you progress through the various levels.

Download Goku to the Hell Here

The game also has an in-app store where you can buy items to upgrade Goku. You can make use of the cash you earn from beating enemies to purchase these items. The upgrades will help to make Goku strong and better able of taking on his enemies. Download it now and begin your journey.

Final Thoughts

Goku to the hell- Pixel-style APK free download is an action-packed game that has a distinctive design style, a captivating storyline, and challenging gameplay. It comes with a wide variety of enemies.

Overall, the game is not going to be free of adversaries. It is important to be prepared to take on any challenge that may come your way.
If you want to test your skills, this game is for you.

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