GTA Online Alien Suit get the Green and Purple Martian Bodysuits

A GTA Online Alien Suit is essential to the ongoing underground conflict that’s been going on between players in the online world. And If you’re looking to pick which side to fight in this battle then you’ll have to buy the right costume. The initial confrontation, which was not officially sanctioned, was only the subject of a few minor memes that were made by GTA Online, however, the conflict among Green and Purple aliens quickly grew to full-on war with no chance of a truce ever coming into being.

How do I obtain $360,000 Alien suits GTA Online for free

Don’t spend a lot of money on pink and green alien costumes for Grand Theft Auto 5, because Rockstar Games has made them accessible to everyone within GTA Online. Get them now, when you still have time.

The game’s designers are quick to identify trends within their player base. Without any doubt one of the most significant recent trends is the arrival of aliens running through Los Santos.

These aren’t real aliens obviously, but gamers who boast about the $360,000 they’ve sunk to get one. You’re more deceived should you have invested in one during the current craze as according to the May 7 update to the content that they’re now accessible for free.

How do you obtain GTA Online alien suits for absolutely nothing

The first thing to be aware of is this: these suit are typically covered by a security screen and are not accessible to those who do not have the funds to get into the world of extraterrestrial. At least, they look like one.

Join your account between the 7th of May through May 14
Visit one of the numerous clothing stores located on the GTA Online map. They include Binco, ProLaps, Sub Urban and Posonbys.
Navigate to the suit menu and click it.
Then, choose Arena War outfits, and Bodysuits.
Go to locked versions towards the bottom of the page to locate the alien suits that are now locked. They are the green (worth around $330,000) along with purple (worth less than $360,000).
How do you access the alien bodysuit on GTA Online?

How can I obtain GTA Online Alien Suit? GTA Online Alien Suit

To obtain an GTA Online Alien Suit you must visit any store selling clothing, identified by a t-shirt image on the map screen in the game.

Once you’re inside the shop go to the counter, and you’ll have the option of browsing clothes by following the instruction Scroll down to outfits: Arena War near the lower end of the list.

and around the halfway point of the next list, you’ll be able to see two suits: the Green Martian Suit and Purple Martian Suit.

Select to Purchase Now along with your GTA Online Alien Suit will be added to your wardrobe. take them both if would like to pick one of the two in the future.

What do you do after you Have acquired an Alien Suit?

When you’ve gotten your coveted alien suit and you’re ready to celebrate! There are a lot of alien gangs sporting baseball bats and harassing people. This is the current trend, so you must be a part of it.

Some players with more money join an gang that has equipment that is higher priced than bats for baseball. The most important option is to form a gang of players wearing alien suits to participate in the excitement!

Some players with more money join groups with equipment that is much more costly than baseball bats. The most important step to take is to make a group of players wearing alien suits to participate in the excitement!

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Even after a few years, GTA Online continues to be operating with a great deal of energy. There’s plenty of content to play around with in the vast open world. This means that there’s plenty of amount of content to look through as well as explore. With the most recent Los Santos Summer Special update players have been provided with even more content to play.

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