Flip Master APK 2.5.00 (Limitless Money)

Try out your trampoline talents by downloading Flip Master APK – latest version – free for Android! Can you perform a lot of great flips without rolling over?

Name Flip Master
 Publisher MotionVolt Games Ltd
 Category Games
 Size 116.88 Mb
 Version 2.5.00
MOD Limitless money
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Flip master trampoline game

Flip Master is a game designed by Miniclip which has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. The game lets you perform incredible flips on the trampoline!Find out more here!

About Flip Master APK

Get the trampoline in top shape with Frontflips, Backflips, Gainers Layouts, Jumps, Jumps and Bounces at your gym, backyard or circus trampolines. Train to become the Master of Trampoline!

With a custom-designed engine for physics as well as animation Ragdoll Physics, Flip Master is one of the most exciting and fun Trampoline experience.

Trampolines are fun to play on. They symbolize childhood and fun spirit. We all agree that flips can be a lot of enjoyable if you are able to master them. But what if you were able to perform extreme flips without the danger of falling?

Do you have a way to achieve this? What if we said that you could play the form of a game? Are you willing to take part?

What’s New in Flip Master APK

New Locations:

  • The Cave: Bounce At The Jungle Cave With The Roof Opening
  • The Lavatown: Bounce At The Apocalyptic Town Near Erupting Vulcano!
  • The Meadow: Perform Zen Like Bounces At The Spring Meadow
  • Night Time: Midnight Bouncing Over The Neighbourhood Fences!

New Character:

  • The Assassin Panda

Characters of Flip Master


  • Performance Updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • Visual System And SDK Upgrades

Get the trampoline in top shape with Frontflips, Backflips, Gainers Layouts, Jumps, Jumps and Bounces in your gym, backyard or circus trampolines, and train to become the Master of Trampoline!

Features of Flip Master APK

With a unique engine for physics as well as animatronic Ragdoll Physics, Flip Master is the most thrilling and fun Trampoline experience that has ever been invented! Challenge the physical laws and prove that you are worthy!

Range of cool locations

Pick your location! A back yard, gym or a trampoline for competition!
Crazy Circus and Trampoline Park with numerous trampolines!

Skills and tricks to unlock!

Discover new and dangerous capabilities!
Gainers, Backflips, Frontflips as well as 10 other tricks are all in the in the palm of your hands!

Crazy power ups

There are a lot of power-ups available! The Power-ups is a support for the character throughout the game. It acts as a kind of power symbol to help you jump higher.

Choose either the Medicine Ball or Foam Cube and get the fun started! Further enjoy an adventure in gold with this Coin Rain power-up and much more!

Jump high in Flip Master


Amazing characters!

Pick, upgrade, and customize your characters. As an athlete, you can jump and climb incredible heights! Each character has their own distinctive physical characteristics!

Show off your best moves to your friends!

Make a note of your top moves and most hilarious fall! Show the World who is the best on the Trampoline!

Show your daring skills

It is important to master about new dance abilities in order to surpass the previous successes. It’s a little difficult to explain the technique because it’s all specific terms.

Show your skills in flip master

The backflips Frontflips, Gainers are the terms used to describe the dance styles of Flip Master that the game describes. Realizing that getting to the point of skill required to perform all of the moves takes a lot of time, however, you have to be a hard worker if you wish to be a pro.

The Flip Master APK can be downloaded here- Jump on trampolines

Contact with flexible positions is an effective method to allow the character change effortlessly. Continuous and maximum jumps will aid in scoring a perfect score. If you collide with bar iron, your athlete is likely to be injured. It can result in a scenario that will be fun for all or cause a serious injury.

It is also when the game is over, and you’re required to begin another game. This isn’t a problem of time, but the more you put off the mattress, the more your capabilities will improve.

Final Thoughts

Flip Master is a fantastic flipping game that tests your abilities! Get the Unlimited Money Mod right now so that you can unlock all Flips as well as characters.

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