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Darkness Rises Apk  is an action RPG for third-person that takes place in a fantasy world. You can choose from four characters to begin the adventure. and  have the option to choose from a warrior, berserker or wizard as well as an assassin.


App Name Darkness Rises
 Latest Version v1.69.0
 Last Updated August 10, 2022
 Publisher NEXON Company.
 Requirements Android 5.1
 Category Role-Playing
 Size 99 MB
 Google Playstore Google Play

Darkness Rises’ gameplay is very similar to other titles of the genre. The virtual movement stick is located on the left, and the many action buttons are found on the right. Sometimes, you may even be able to complete “finishers” against specific enemies.


You can customize your hero before you go into battle. You can equip your hero with new weapons and armor. Additionally, you can unlock new abilities that will enhance his character. You can level up both the equipment and abilities with the gold you gain.

Darkness Rises is an ARPG that’s fun and unique. Amazing graphics also make it stand out, with many enemies at once and some (such as the dragons) being particularly impressive.

what is Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises, a groundbreaking Action RPG, combines stunning graphics, innovative gameplay and intense boss fights all in one hand.

Darkness has spread across the land and brought with it a host of vicious demons that are ready to attack our gates. A fantasy RPG of epic proportions awaits. The path is difficult, but you will have to persevere and descend into Hell in order to defeat this evil before it destroys our world.


Legendary heroes, such as the earth-shattering Berserker or the magic-wielding wizard, are available at your disposal. You can customize your character by choosing from any of the many classes available.

With a multitude of powerful skills, you can hack and slash your way through terrifying monsters. Join the PvP Arena and unleash your power against other players. This Epic roleplaying game pits you against demons, and worse. Can you rise to the challenge of this epic roleplaying game?

Features: Darkness Rises

Revolutionary story
A heavy-action combat game with a compelling (and sometimes crazy) backstory is the best. Darkness Rises Mod Apk is exactly how it begins. In a world that’s not very different from our everyday environments, this is exactly how Darkness Rises Mod Apk starts. There is no peace and quiet, as humans can roam freely, just like demons, monsters and other creatures. Different hordes monsters join forces to break into the city’s gates as darkness sweeps the country. Your mission is simple. You must resist the dark side, defeat those demons and save humanity from total darkness. How do you accomplish that?

Inspiring heroes
It is easy to answer: You will eradicate evil with the help so many amazing characters that are introduced right away. Legendary fighters are from all walks of life so don’t be surprised if you find a hybrid creature near your home. Darkness Rises Mod Apk features everything. From the earth-destroying Berserker who takes on the best aspects of the snake to a magic-wielding wizard, there’s no stopping at one dimension to defeat dark forces. You have complete control over optimizing your characters so that you don’t get stuck in the deepest pits of hell.
There are many options to choose from until you find the perfect hero for your style of fighting. Set your goals and fix them up. Then, get on with the action!

PvP Arena


It can be tedious to fight invisible enemies controlled by computer programs. Darkness Rises Mod Apk offers PvP fighting. This arena was created for you to let loose all of your inhibitions. Get your armor on and smash the ground with all your might. You can learn from hundreds of other players around the world and see their strategies and gameplays. Or you can just slay them with no regrets. You have the freedom to choose.

We are confident that you will believe us when we say that RPG games have never been as good. You’ll be the hero you always wanted, thanks to the hard work and dedication that the developers of Darkness Rises MOD Apk put into this game. You decide what course of action to take. There is no pre-set rules.

Either you can fight your way through the demons, or you can go solo in a single-player RPG mode to begin your journey.   also go into the darkest pits and dungeons to find hidden monsters that are waiting for you.  will discover things you never thought of as you travel further down Dante’s circles. So get ready to have some kick-ass action.

Skillful fights
You’ve probably all played RPG games that required you to just kick them and hope for the best. Darkness Rises Mod Apk has a lot more strategy, so you’ll be able to really show off your fighting skills. Each opponent makes the boss fights more difficult, so you will need to improve your fighting skills and continue digging deeper into the night.
PvE battles are another great feature. You will encounter many obstacles along the way. Although the goal is to reach the giant monster’s realm and explore the deep abyss, it’s not always easy. Each step in Darkness Risings Mod Apk will present you with new challenges. This will help you determine how far you’re willing to go to win. Keep your seat on the edge and watch where it takes you.

Extraordinary abilities
What RPG game would be complete without special abilities that can only be unlocked once you have established prestige? Darkness Rises Mod Apk doesn’t answer that question. This game features amazing mechanics that will allow you to immerse yourself in the darkness world. It is up to you to decide whether to surrender or win.


One of the most talked about features in this app is the “Soul Link” ability. This allows you to control the minds of your enemies and get them to do whatever you want. It is possible to join a warrior group with like-minded people and fight crazy monsters together.  makes it easier to defeat darkness.  also take on side missions, receive rewards, perks and points by joining a guild. It’s a great deal from the beginning.

have gained some experience and feel ready to face the darkest monsters, this RBG game can become a real obsession. You can create your character, be a Wizard, Berserker or Assassin. Join the online community and have the time you want.
Download the Darkness Rises Mod Apk to conquer the darkness.

The Key Features

1 Slash and hack your way through demons, hordes of them!
2 You can face the demonic Horde solo in single player RPG mode
3 Discover the different levels of dark dungeons


1 The Roleplaying Games feature boss battles that will test your skills.
2 PvE battles get more intense as you go deeper into the depths of the abyss.

1 Experience epic visuals that will transport you to the Darkness Rises world
2 Fantasy RPG gameplay mechanics: Use the Soul Link ability for control over monsters and to turn your enemies against you
3 Join legendary heroes for dungeon raids. Gather your friends to explore dangerous dungeons, and find rare loot
4 Form a party of warriors by joining a guild

1 You can build your character using the Character Creator
2 Berserker, Wizard, Warrior, Assassin, or Wizard – Choose your class to descend into darkness

You can level up in this adventure RPG to face the forces that are dark with your friends. Get Darkness Rises now for an unforgettable RPG experience!

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