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Cricket Exchange APKCricket Exchange APKCricket Exchange APKCricket Exchange APK

 Name  Cricket Exchange 
Compatible with 5.0+
version 2.6
 size 48.74 MB
category  Casual
Developer Cricket Exchange
Price Free
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About Cricket Exchange APK

If you’re an avid Cricket lover and have enjoyed the greatest loyalty follower ever. If that is the case this app allows you to take part in many adrenaline-filled and thrilling matches between nations. Additionally, you can also access the scores and results of matches more quickly than you have ever.

Fans of cricket are in heaven, since you are now able to enjoy your work using the amazing application Cricket Exchange: Live Line and cricket scores. There, you are able to be a part of all things cricket related news, fascinating live matches as well as live score updates as well as team odds, league statistics and a myriad of other amazing information. Keep track of every cricket news updates from all over the world to ensure that you don’t miss out on any information. Also, always learn new fascinating information from the mobile application.

What is it?

In Cricket Exchange, Android users will be able to enjoy their very own cricket hub where you are able to freely access all cricket-related information available. Enjoy watching informative news information from your teams or tournaments. Find informative newspaper articles about the specific topics interest you. Enjoy all the live scores updates to keep you active in sports happenings.

Enjoy working with the mobile app with multiple languages. Live-stream your favorite sports events with continuously updating content. Follow your team’s favorite teams during live games. Look over the team’s odds, match info and other useful data. Get access to useful cricket schedules as well as programmable notifications to make sure you don’t be missing any crucial matches. Discover the most recent news on specific topics. Enjoy working with the user-friendly and easy mobile application.

What exactly is Cricket Exchange APK?

The Cricket Exchange application is also available with a modified version that includes some intriguing features that will be awe-inspiring to you. In this version, you’ll have all the premium options and features in this application at no cost as it doesn’t charge any fee which is why you can use the full application without issues. There are no pop-ups or video advertisements that are a problem for this version, which is why users prefer the cricket exchange app in this version.

Cricket Exchange APK

Cricket Updates
It is the only app that provides quick updates on tournaments and cricket matches that are taking place around the globe. It also has the ability to search for matches and tournaments so that you can type in your preferred player or team for more in-depth details. This app is updated through multiple sources, which can be selected in accordance with your preferences since it does not have any restrictions regarding features. That’s the reason you’ll love this application.

Live Commentary
This feature is amazing as most of us don’t have enough time to sit and watch live cricket matches because of our the demands of our lives, however if you have the cricket exchange app on your phone, you are able to make use of this feature. You can stream live commentary at any time via your mobile phone with this app, which is available from the cricket field. It will provide updates on the ball-by-ball because this app offers an immediate response in the case of live commentary.

Highlights of the Match

If you have missed the live cricket match, do not fret because this app includes highlights functions which allow you to see all information. The app offers a variety of options, including analysis and a complete discussion of matches that is available for listening via the app. This app gives you data directly from ICC and that’s the reason it’s relied upon by millions of people on the web. Download this app now and stay informed about cricket.

Latest News
It also shows cricket news all over the world as it includes all international players, teams as well as tournaments and events. So, with this application you won’t have to look elsewhere for cricket news since this application includes everything you require. It comes with features that allow you to send news or highlights from cricket directly from this app with your social media friends or platforms.

Player and Team’s details
This feature is unique to cricket exchange applications since it gives you all details about the international teams of cricket and their players. You can learn about their details in depth, to gain details about their challenges, ranking record, contracts, and more. There is no need to search for any information after downloading this application on your device as it comes with all the capabilities that are needed for information on cricket.

Multiple Themes 

Cricket Exchange APK

This is a great feature of the cricket exchange app since it allows you to change to any theme you prefer on the application. It can be used with different themes, and the most appealing thing is that it comes with an dark theme for night time users. At night bright light affects eyes. This is the reason why darker themes are readily available. This application can be used at night without harming your eyes.

Receive Notification
You can enable the notification feature within the application. This means that every time a game or event is scheduled to begin, you will receive a notification from the application on the screen of your mobile. It is surely a wonderful option since you’ll never be able to miss a game or event once you have turned on the notification function in this application.

Premiums are Free
Cricket Exchange has premium features you can’t enjoy for free because they are paid for in the normal version. However, now you can use these features because the modified version of the application offers users access to premium membership for free. This means you have access to the entire application at no cost. There will be no limitations in the application which is why you can enjoy it at your own pace.

No pop-ups or videos ads.
With a cricket exchange program in the standard version, you’ll encounter a lot of ads it, which can interrupt your work certain. This is the reason why the new version offers users complete peace of mind by giving users with ads-free applications. In this version, there are no pop-ups and video ads within the application. This is the reason you won’t be annoyed by any type of advertising.

Cricket Exchange APK

Unlocked Features

Cricket Exchange Mod Apk Version is unlocked and you are able to utilize every feature or option without limitation or restrictions. This is one of the reasons why people prefer this over the normal version. Download your preferred cricket exchange program in mod version and have everything completely unlocked completely free of charge.

Fantastic features

Here are the most exciting features available to Android users to take advantage of:

Available in many languages.
For starters, Android users in Cricket Exchange are now able to use their mobile application of choice with the option of English, Hindi, and Bengali This makes it more accessible to Indian users. Additionally, you can expect new updates to the app that include new Indian language packs , so you can enjoy even more contents. Choose any of the languages available and use the amazing mobile app to its fullest.

Accessible and intuitive app UI
Additionally, with the user-friendly and intuitive UI, Cricket Exchange will ensure that Android players will enjoy playing with their own cricket hub. You can begin by taking advantage of the interactive live stream with a wide range of news as well as the latest scores. Scroll the app freely both ways to look through the latest news. Find the team’s chances by using a simple color scheme for each team , so that you can quickly identify the odds. While watching the games or examining team’s stats, the simple photos of player profiles and the names will ensure that you are able to easily recognize the players.

Enjoy yourself with all live

-streamed match information
If you are curious, you can take advantage of the amazing mobile app that is part of Cricket Exchange with all the stunning live match information you can anticipate. Get access to the helpful live ball-to-ball updates and offer all the relevant information in short notifications for smartphones. This will ensure that you aren’t missing out on important information.

Additionally, you can access the information about the match by reading the detailed live match report. All team statistics and odds are appropriately categorized using colors so that you are able to easily identify them. Find the complete scorecard by using the auto refresh so that you can easily work on making your experience in the app better.

Have fun reading about the match details which includes details about the players XI, Team Squad, Head to Head records, latest forms, as well as other details that will help you prepare for the game. Provide details on bowlers, batsmen, allrounders, as well as various other roles on the field.

In Cricket Exchange, you can play multiple live games simultaneously. You can also enable background speech to allow you to follow the game while working on other applications.

Cricket Exchange APK

Find accurate and frequently up-

to-date fixtures and fixtures.
Explore the fantastic fixtures for your most-loved leagues, tournaments, and competitions. Find the fixtures that are interactive and have numerous information that is accessible to eye, because of the calendar layout. Check out the detailed and exact information on the forthcoming matches to ensure you don’t lose one of the games. Review the summaries of earlier matches. You can categorize your matches into series, dates and teams for more efficient use of the app.

Get the most up-to-date cricket news
If you’re one of those who are curious, you can take advantage of the amazing application Cricket Exchange, where all the latest news related to cricket is available in a variety of formats to be discovered. Begin by enjoying beautifully edited pre-match report videos and post-match highlights videos. Enjoy reading the most recent stories on the most popular cricket subjects. You can also discover a wealth of fascinating records and facts about cricket, that you’ll find fascinating.

 ICC Rankings to explore

In Cricket Exchange, users are also able find helpful ICC Rankings with lots of useful lists to explore. Look up the current rankings of your team’s teams as well as their rivals. Unlock bowler, batsman and all rounder rankings so you can check your favourite players’ rankings in the tournaments.

Numerous international tournaments and leagues to come
To ease the way users of Android users to use the app and its features, the competitions will be categorised into different tournaments and leagues for you to follow and take pleasure in. You can enjoy various tournaments, both for females and males and women, starting from The Indian Premier League, toEuropean Cricket Series Capelle, European Cricket Series Cartaxo and many more.

Each category has numerous details to find out. Look for teams with complete information about each player. Find the live fixtures for every series. You can also access frequently updated point tables.

Have fun working with the modified application on our website.
Last but not least for those who are curious about the incredible application Cricket Exchange, you can now use the modified application available on our site. We provide all premium features for you to download at no cost. In addition, all ads or unwanted analytics as well as the force update feature will be eliminated. This will allow you to get the most out of this incredible application. All that is required is to download the Cricket Exchange Mod Apk on our site.


The application for Cricket Exchange is a wonderful present to cricket fans since it comes with the best features and features to choose from. When you use this app, you won’t miss an news about your favorite cricket team. That’s the reason on the web, this application is highly recommended by users. If you are also looking for genuine cricket news you can download the app from our website. Don’t forget to share your positive experiences with this cricket app by leaving a comment in the box below.


Q. How do I obtain free premium features from the cricket exchange?
To get an access upgrade to app cricket exchange you need to install the latest version of the app on your device. Once you have done that, you’ll be able to access free premium features with no any money.

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