Conquer the Tower APK 1.841 (Limitless Money)

Are you looking to play the traditional tower defense strategy game? Plays Conquer the Tower APK today to conquer multiple levels and be successful. There are numerous maps available here.

 App Name Conquer the Tower: Takeover
 Publisher GameLord 3D
 Category Games
 Size 114.75 Mb
 Latest Version 1.841
 MOD Info Limitless Money
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Conquer the Tower players

About Conquer the Tower

Conquer the Tower is a classic tower defense game. You lead your army to take over towers of others and then occupy them to build your empire!
Dear commander, you must be smart and courageous in this strategic conquest of the logic tower! Each move you make will affect the outcome of this war of armies!


    • New characters are expected to be released shortly.
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How to defend the classic tower?

If you like puzzles, download Conquer the Tower now it is a classic tower defense game that you will love. Connect the towers to ensure you’re able to take home the prize!

The concept behind this game is different from a typical Tower defense game. Instead of having a 2-D screen that allows you to deploy units, players have to connect the towers.

Connecting a tower is the process of sending out troops in a sequence until the tower is blue. If all the towers are blue, you’ll be awarded the victory and will have completed the level. There are plenty of levels to play that stimulates your brain to think!
In this fun game, you’ll require lots of brainpower to beat levels. Are you able to beat the towers?

Towers in conquer the towers

How to win the game?

Tap your finger to join towers. The only thing you must do is guide the blue soldiers in protecting your tower, while you occupy towers in different hues.

When all the towers are occupied by your blue rubber guys, you will be the winner!

The secret of conquering the tower

The secret to winning this game is to create the best strategy for beating them all in games of war. Best of luck to you, my friends! Invade the city and become the ruler of the continent!

Features of Conquer the Tower

  • Beautiful low-poly user interface that will give you an entirely different experience. Maps wait to be discovered by you. Find.
  • The capabilities of the troop and towers can be improved.
  • There are plenty of celebrations and reward-related gifts that will be waiting to greet you.
  • High levels of tasks, and exciting gameplay; each level is different and has its unique task.
  • Test your brain and reactions. A well-planned strategy can allow you to win easily.
  • Brings you the most thrilling moments in which you need to come up with a strategy to defend your home and create a private kingdom to ensure that no one will take over your home.
  • A slick tactical game offering distinct features for players to play at ease, but before that players have to create a massive army to fight.
  • You’ll manage the blue towers so that they don’t confuse your opponent, and so join them as fast as you can to deter your enemy to attack.
  • Utilize your skills and develop intelligent strategies to beat the odds of the game. Besides, you must constantly attack and take over the entire structure of the opponent
  • Play in a world that is unique with numerous settings like deserts, forests, and more. Additionally, the players will be taken to new levels of play and will be able to unlock more exciting places.

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Download Conquer the Tower APK- the latest version

The ball can be rolled and swung to play this difficult but enjoyable game. This is a mod version that allows unlimited gems and coins; Keys that Unlock. Easy controls and simplified gameplay make for a better overall gaming experience. Download the latest version of Conquer the Tower: Takeover

Final Thoughts

You’ll be on a journey to new adventures while participating in this game, and conquering the challenges that the game presents. Additionally, you must build the most powerful army to take on and destroy other players’ towers.


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