Build a Bridge APK Latest Version 4.1.3 Free (Download) for Android

Download Build Bridge APK Latest Version free for Android. Build bridges while remedy construction riddles. Different capabilities and constructing requirements make the recreation consistent and fun.

Build a Bridge APK

 Name  Build a Bridge
Updated Latest Version
Compatible with 5.0+
version 4.1.3
 size 106.67 MB
MOD No mod
category  Casual
Developer Boom Bit Game
Price Free
 Download Google Play



Test your engineering and improvisation talents in a puzzle sport where the stakes are as high as they get. It is you who will assemble  for vehicles, vans, busses… And every so often even monster vehicles. Gather your wits and get on with the development!

During the making plans phase the game offers itself with a simple, 2D interface. It is there which you pick out the quality materials on your bridge and connect the dots to make the most resilient structure you can.

build a bridge

You can method every degree as a complex puzzle, trying to be as efficient as possible and get the first-rate solution. But don’t be afraid to test too. You can simply go loopy and construct something that looks outrageous but nonetheless by hook or by crook works. There’s fun in each of those tactics.

When you’re performed, switch to the three-D mode and watch a automobile pressure via your bridge. Will it maintain? Or will you watch a dazzling crash?

In addition to the everyday mode the sport capabilities the clean mode for more relaxed game played, targeted on creativity and improvisation. You can also use in-sport trace system if things get too hard. With 86 levels plus hidden and bonus bridges to assemble you’ll not run out of factors to do speedy.


this game  is a mix of 2D images environment with 3-d. The sport is harking back to the gameplay of “poly bridge”. At the starting stage, the game gives a easy 2D interface, and this gives you the great typical view.

From here, the sport gives numerous customization. You assume to choose the first-rate substances, most suitable on your bridge. All substances need to be linked through dots.

build a bridge

You have to select the shape of the bridge to create the maximum elastic shape feasible. The recreation has many distinct exciting degrees, and you need to resolve many complex puzzles.

You try and be simplest through the fine solution for the bridge. The recreation emphasizes creativity, and you may completely create “bizarre bridges” with extraordinary designs.

Of route, the automobile nonetheless crosses the bridge, and you may enjoy the exciting experience of the game. You can select the “secure” or “creative” manner to enjoy all of the fun in each of those techniques of the game.


and gives remarkable amusing in a 3-D surroundings like “poly bridge”. You entire the drawing of the iron bridge, and get prepared to move directly to the splendid things in three-D mode.

The game permits you to experience first rate car using throughout your bridge. Of path the end result will rely upon your capability. You could make a exquisite automobile flight file, or create a magnificent crash.

It all relies upon on your calculations. Besides simple story mode, the sport additionally has a loose innovative mode. You will be more comfortable focusing on creativity and improvisation.

From right here, you’ll create stunning bridges with a novel layout. The game gives a touch device to help you clear up the issue of the undertaking. The sport content material offers greater than 80 special tiers.

The recreation has hidden bridges for you to collect many bonuses. The sport is suitable for everyone who likes to build, and you will have a lot to do or think.


has a easy storyline. You don’t need to worry about everything, and you simply need to cognizance on building bridges like “poly bridge”.

The sport gives many distinct substances for production, inclusive of Wood, Metal, Cable. The sport has dozens of puzzles with growing issue.

You will should calculate, and suppose more approximately it later. The game has numerous environments with one of a kind hills and worlds. The game features excessive physics, and is full of amusing interactive elements.

The recreation also gives a variety of cars to check the construction’s truth.

You experience the auto acrobatics thru the real physics engine. The graphic detail is a massive plus of the sport because of the sensitive artwork style. The sport supports many special languages, so it is suitable for global players.


its offers dozens of amusing puzzles, all of that are well simulated in amusing physics. You assignment the technical mind via one of a kind issue levels. Your assignment is to construct a bridge with the potential to bear the load of a heavy truck. The recreation emphasizes creativity, so you will build bridges absolutely for your liking. The sport offers connection factors so that it will draw strains to create the realistic structure of the bridge. Think approximately it, and strive unique materials to create the most entire layout. Certainly, after numerous failures, you will create the most powerful structure for the truck to pass adequately. Of direction, if your bridge isn’t always robust enough because of the horrific construction, then the truck will fall and everything ends badly.

Game capabilities:

1,Different materials to construct from – Wood, Metal, Cables
2,86 degrees of increasingly difficult puzzles
3,Varied, unique environments full of interactive factors
4,Multiple automobiles to test out your buildings
5,Realistic physics engine
6,Beautiful, stylised art fashion
7,Available in 13 languages

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