Ball Blast APK 1.91 (Unlimited Coins) Free Download

Get Ball Blast APK Latest Version for free for Android. Avoid ball at any costs in this exciting, addictive Arcade Game for Android.

Ball Blast APK

 Name Ball Blast
Compatible with 5.0+
version 1.19
 size 48.74 MB
MOD Unlimited Money 
category  Casual
Developer VOODOO
Price Free
 Download Google Play


About Ball Blast Mod APK

Ball Blast is a game that is simple to play. You control the cannon in order to take out rocks of various dimensions. They possess characteristics that you can identify and avoid to get through the game quickly. However the amount of levels that you can play is quite varied, and you will face more difficult opponents at critical points. After that, you’ll have to boost your strength of your character with the coins you get.

Ball Blast APK

As you might have guessed, Ball Blast is merely an entertainment game that is a quick entertaining time. Because it’s not a game that simulates it doesn’t have a narrative or idea behind. We believe that it’s true because nobody would want to read an entire book even if they are only taking brief breaks. Thus, Ball Blast focuses more on the user experience and not the appealing concept.

What is Ball Blast APK

The gameplay the game of Ball Blast is straightforward as you control a cannon equipped with wheels that allow you to be freely moved either left or right. You must break the rocks that are numbered in smaller pieces until they’re destroyed. Therefore, this game is a game which anyone can participate in and be able to overcome the challenges that this game offers.

Ball Blast APK

The method of control is simple using the screen by sliding it left or right in order to avoid the rocks that fall onto the earth. They all come in different dimensions, and the reason they are so large is because they are able to hit the ground, and then bounce around in the air. Then, you’ll have be able to maneuver with precision to prevent falling off your cannon. Therefore, you’ll have to shoot them and avoid them as frightful enemies begin to appear in front of your eyes.

  install Ball Blast  Apk?

The desired time: two minutes.

Installing any modified Apps and Games can be Difreent however , it’s also simple. Here’s the straightforward details on Android Mod App Installing information.

download Apk First , Download the Mod Apk from the Website using Chrome Browser. (Remember that StorePlayApk always provides Mod Apks that are safe and legitimate).
Find the APKAfter you have completed the purchase process, open the download folder on your Android smartphone and find the downloaded APK file(You could utilize a better file supervisor such as Es File Explorer).

Ball Blast APK
Enable Unknown Sources now It is recommended to enable Unknown sources from Your Android Setting as a result of the Android Security system doesn’t enable the installation of any kind of software outside of the Google Play Store. To Enable Unknown Sources to open Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, you will tick mark click on that.
Download the APK Now that all tasks completed, open your APK File and Click on the Install Button. It could take just a couple of minutes or time depends on the type of app you’re installing.
Installed! All Done. That’s it Done! Now you’ve Successfully Installed the Desire Mod APK on Your Android Smartphone. Have fun and tell us whether you’re experiencing any kind of issue.

Features  Ball Blast APK

Ball Blast APK

While Ball Blast is a simple-designed game, it has several amazing features that will leave you feel satisfied:

It has Simple Gameplay for Every Player
Ball blast is a simple game and is even appropriate for toddlers aged 3 and up. The only thing you need to accomplish is shift the gun located at the bottom in the direction of left and to the right to strike the color balls above. However you should not let the color ball strike the cannon. If not, you fail.

It’s that simple! All you need to do is to touch the screen and move the cannon to the left and right. If the color ball gets destroyed then the gold coins be released, and you have to get them out to collect the most possible. There’s nothing unique to this game. Its simplicity proves to be its most addictive aspects.

Only One Game Mode
This game doesn’t contain the game mode. There is only an option to play. It is all focused on shooting the ball, and getting gold. It is therefore not a suitable game to enjoy in the long term because it is a somewhat boring, particularly for adults. But, it’s appropriate for kids and young children who are younger than.

It has Suitable Difficulty Level

It’s not as difficult like Angry Bird to get the score. However, it’s not as straightforward like the Sand Balls. The colored balls will be assigned a number based on the number of levels you are on. Also, it determines the level of difficulty since it takes longer to take out the bigger balls.

For instance, at the level 1 you just require one shot to eliminate the number one ball. But, when you reach level 2 after one shot the ball will split into two balls that are number one. It is necessary to make two shots to destroy the ball.

Ball Blast APK

Similar to the previous levels, when you reach levels 3,4,5,6 and higher at this point, you’ll need to hit more balls and have more time to eliminate larger balls. In addition the fact that the more balls are and the higher the risk you’ll be hit and even lose your life. This feature makes the game more difficult and thrilling.

Additionally, for each level, you’ll get different backgrounds. This is pretty much similar to in the Picachu game, where you can release distinctive images when you complete each stage. And the background takes us to the next part.

The Only Shortcoming: Too Much Advertising
If you purchase the game, you won’t be able to watch as much advertisement. However, the majority of people are not want to spend money on an online game during the initial trial period, which means you’ll always be interrupted due to advertisements.

This isn’t the most irritating thing. The thing that is most irritating is that the commercial has a better design and a better sound effects as compared to the gameplay. Furthermore, you aren’t able to simply pause it or ignore it. You must wait for around 30 seconds before continuing to play.

Visual and Sound Quality
Graphics – Simple and Lovely
The game is an 2D game. It means that the graphics are simple and straightforward. Monochromatic balls, and differ from small to large balls. The background of the game is created using subtle pastel shades.

Furthermore, the bouncing action of the ball as it hits the ground makes you feel content. In addition, the impact of gold coins bouncing around is interesting, particularly for kids.

The movement of the game are effortless, with no mistakes or snatch. This is a major advantage because it allows players to have a pleasant experience playing the game. While playing a game, or watching music videos it can be very frustrating when you must pausing or stop your mobile due to a software error.

In your free edition, you will select one type of cannon , and three backgrounds. You’ll have more choices with more than 20 artillery types , and more than 30 backgrounds in with the pay version.

No Sound Effect

Furthermore, this game comes with no audio effects. Instead, you only select between two options: silence and vibrating. It’s fine when you want to spend an hour of relaxation in the subway, bus or at the at the office. However, the absence of audio makes it less appealing.

We’re not sure what the reason is however, the developers could make the game sound using sound and let players to turn off or change the volume. It’s not a lot of steps, but it does enhance the appeal of this game. The sound effects is more appealing to young children.

Ball Blast APK

For instance it is The Dinosaur Egg Shoot comes with an amazing sound when you take the correct shot. It will also encourage players to improve their shooting skills and also make an impact. Sound is the biggest flaw of the game, and we’d like to see that the developer will fix it in the future versions.

The Final Says
We believe we can say that Ball Blast is an exciting entertaining game to play quickly and unwinding. It’s the ideal option for those looking to spend the time to relax between two classes or two meetings. With bright balls and gorgeous graphics this game will provide relaxation and enjoyable moves for everyone to play.

This game is a game for “everyone” however it is not an ideal game for the professional player. It is a game to be played for relaxation, and If you’re looking for a greater challenge or a more immersive experience, this game could be the best option for you. If you’re not sure yet, then let us know your experiences!


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