Shadow Fight 2 APK Latest Version 2.24.0

Shadow Fight 2 APK 2.24.0 is the latest version of the popular fighting game from Nekki. Shadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of classical Fighting and RPG. In this game, you will have to equip your warrior with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and the ten use them to fight off a horde of dangerous enemies. Defeat them all, and become the greatest warrior of all time.

Shadow Fight 2 APK

 Name  Shadow Fight 2
Compatible with 5.0+
version 2.24.0
 size 152.12 MB
category  Casual
Developer NEKKI
Price Free
 Download Google Play


Shadow Fight 2 is an action-packed, fighting game developed by Nekki. It is the sequel to the popular Shadow Fight, and it follows the same premise of the original game. You play as a warrior who is on a quest to defeat an ancient evil. You must battle your way through seven different worlds and defeat powerful enemies in order to save the world.


This game has great graphics, and the controls are easy to learn. You can customize your character’s appearance and equipment. You can also upgrade your weapons and armor as you progress through the game. The game also has an online mode, where you can battle other players from around the world.

Also this game is completely free to play, and the APK is available for download from the Google Play Store. The game is also available for iOS and Windows.

game is rated 9+ for violence, and it is suitable for all ages. The game is also very challenging, and it will take some time to master. There are many weapons and armor to choose from, which adds to the game’s replay value.


What is Shadow Fight 2 APK?

Shadow Fight 2 is an action-packed fighting game with a unique blend of martial arts and RPG elements. Players take on the role of a Shadow Warrior and battle their way through a variety of opponents and levels.  features a stunningly detailed and vibrant 2D art style, realistic fighting mechanics, and a deep combat system.

These story is  follows a powerful warrior named Sensei who is on a quest to rid the world of the evils of the titan named Shadow. In order to do this, Sensei must travel to the distant lands of the underworld and battle the minions of Shadow. Along the way, Sensei will encounter a variety of enemies, including a powerful enemy called the Shadow Boss.

is an intense fighting game that will test your skills and abilities. You will need to use a variety of martial arts techniques and weapons to defeat your enemies. The game also features an extensive upgrade system that allows you to customize your character and equip them with powerful weapons and armor.

its available for both Android and iOS devices. The game features a variety of control options, including touch, tilt, and gesture controls.

How to download?

This is one of the most popular fighting games on the Android platform. The game offers a unique blend of RPG elements and intense fighting action, making it a hit with millions of players around the world. the game has been around for a few years now and has seen several updates and content additions. If you’re looking to get the full  experience, then you’ll need to download

We’ll be taking a look at how to download the Shadow Fight 2 APK and what to do once you have it installed. We’ll also be taking a look at some of the tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your Shadow Fight 2 experience. Let’s get started!

Where To Download The Shadow Fight 2 APK

The Shadow Fight 2 APK can be downloaded from a variety of sources, including the official Google Play Store. The game is free to download and install, but there are in-app purchases available if you want to upgrade your character or purchase items.

If you’d rather download the APK directly, you can do so from a variety of third-party websites. However


1. Unique Combat System: Shadow Fight 2 has a unique combat system that allows players to fight in a variety of ways. Players can use a variety of weapons and martial arts techniques to take down their opponents. The game also features a variety of special moves that can be used to gain an advantage in battle.

2. Stunning Visuals: The visuals in Shadow Fight 2 are simply stunning. The game has a beautiful, dark and mysterious atmosphere that makes it truly stand out from other fighting games. The game is also full of vibrant and colorful visuals that keep players engaged and captivated.

3. Challenging Levels: Shadow Fight 2 has over 70 levels that are designed to be challenging and exciting. Each level requires players to use their skills and strategies to defeat their enemies and progress further. The game also features a variety of boss fights that require players to use their wits and skills to defeat them.

4. RPG Elements:

Shadow Fight 2 features a variety of RPG elements that allow players to customize their character. Players can upgrade their weapons and armor as they progress through the game. Players can also purchase additional skills and learn new martial arts techniques to help them in battle.

5. Multiple Game Modes: Shadow Fight 2 offers gamers a variety of different game modes to choose from. Players can choose to play the single-player campaign, the multiplayer online mode, or even the tournament mode. Each game mode offers players a unique and exciting experience.

6. Variety of Enemies: Shadow Fight 2 has a variety of enemies that players will have to face. From skeletons and demons to robots and monsters, there is a wide range of enemies that players will have to fight in order to progress further in the game.

7. Weapons and Equipment:

Shadow Fight 2 features a wide range of weapons and equipment that players can use to defeat their enemies. Players can equip their characters with different weapons and armor to give them an advantage in battle.

8. Epic Boss Fights: Shadow Fight 2 features some epic boss fights that require players to use their wits and skills to take


The Shadow Fight 2 APK is an incredibly popular action-packed game that has captivated gamers worldwide. It is an intense game with smooth and responsive controls, a unique fighting style, and intense boss fights. It offers a variety of weapons and armor to customize your character and a wide range of levels to explore. With its highly detailed graphics and exciting sound effects, Shadow Fight 2 is definitely a great game to check out. It has a great storyline and an engaging game-play that will keep you hooked. With its easy-to-learn and challenging-to-master mechanics, Shadow Fight 2 is a great game for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced gamer, you will have a great time playing this game.

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