Hero Wars APK Latest Version 1.154.301 (Download Free) for Android

Gather powerful heroes, build a powerful army, and conquer enemy cities in this fantasy role-playing game. Enjoy exciting single player and PvP battles, and upgrade your heroes to make them even more powerful. Enter the world of Hero Wars and become a legendary hero!

Hero Wars APK

 Name  Hero Wars APK
Compatible with 4.2+
version 1.154.301
 size 95.29 MB
MOD Royal plyer 
category  Casual
Developer …….
Price Free
 Download Google Play

About Hero Wars APK

Hero Wars is a new, free-to-play mobile strategy game from Nixon M Inc. and NEXON Korea Corporation. In Hero Wars, players are tasked with leading their armies to victory in fast-paced, turn-based combat. With over 100 heroes to choose from, players can build the perfect team to crush their opponents. The game also features a robust guild system, allowing players to team up with friends and allies to take on the toughest challenges. Hero Wars is now available on the App Store and Google Play.
To download the Hero Wars APK, you can simply visit Google Play Store or any other app store of your choice and look for the Hero Wars app. Once you find it, simply download and install it to start playing!

how to downloaded

1. Over 100 heroes – Get access to an expansive roster of heroes, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle. Collect and level up heroes to find the perfect match for your squad.

2. Strategic combat – Choose from a variety of powerful abilities to engage in intense battles. Master the timing of your abilities, combo them, and deploy strategic team tactics to outwit and overpower your opponents.

Hero Wars APK

3. RPG progression – Upgrade and evolve your heroes to unlock their full potential, as well as powerful artifacts to amplify your squad’s power.

4. Guilds – Join and create a powerful guild to stand united with other players. Participate in guild-exclusive events and prove your strength to your guild-mates.

5. Player vs Player (PvP) – Test your strength against other players in heated PvP battles. Climb the leaderboards and be the best hero in the world.

6. Spectacular graphics – Enjoy stunning special effects, beautiful 3D models, and immersive visuals as you battle against your enemies.

7. Regular updates – Enjoy new content regularly with updates and events that bring new heroes, artifacts, and epic rewards.

how to install

1. First, download the Hero Wars APK file from the official website or any other trusted source.

2. Open the downloaded Hero Wars apk file and click Install.

3. Grant the necessary permissions to install the app on your device.

4. After the installation is complete, open the app and enjoy playing!

top 10 question and answer for Hero Wars APK full ArticAl


1. What is ?

Hero Wars APK is a mobile game available for Android devices. It is a massive multiplayer real-time fantasy strategy game where players get to become warriors, wizards, and priests, create their own clans and fight for control of various virtual territories.

2. How do I download?

You can download the latest version of Hero Wars APK directly from the Google Play Store. Just open the Play Store app, search for “Hero Wars” and click the “Install” button.

3. How many players can play ?

Hero Wars APK can accommodate up to 500 players in each battle.

4. What are the rules 

The main rule in Hero Wars APK is to defeat your opponents and conquer as many territories as you can. You must also upgrade your heroes to become more powerful.

5. What are the in-game currencies?

The two in-game currencies in Hero Wars APK are “Gold” and “Gems”. Gold is the primary currency used to purchase heroes and upgrade buildings. You can earn Gold by

Hero Wars APK


Hero Wars is a great game for those who love action and adventure. It combines fast-paced battle sequences with skill-based character building, giving players a lot of control over how they approach each battle. The game’s wide range of characters and their customizable skill trees provide a great deal of variety and replicability. Along with the exciting story mode, Hero Wars also offers numerous PvP options, providing players with a challenge no matter which type of game they prefer. With its excellent mechanics, engaging story, and spectacular graphics, Hero Wars is a must-play mobile game.

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